Astoria resident’s ‘Dog Poop Project’ tells owners to clean up

Photos by Jang Cho via dogpoopproject.tumblr.com

If your dog poops, please scoop.

This is the message Astoria resident Jang Cho, an art director at a Manhattan advertising agency, hopes to get out with the creation of his “Dog Poop Project.”

“I started this project to deliver some sarcastic messages to people who don’t clean up their dog’s poop, and to give joy to people who feel the same way as me,” said Cho. “I don’t expect that I can change people’s behavior, but I really hope that people try to change their habit to pick up their dogs’ poop for a cleaner New York City.”

The South Korean native started the project in February and has since been putting flyers up in Astoria from Broadway to 30th Avenue and along Steinway Street. The flyers show images of the stool, the date and time they were found, and ask residents to call or email with information.

If you find a flyer and decide to give “747-224-POOP” a call you will be greeted by a message thanking you for the call and informing you of Cho’s mission.

“If you have a dog please clean up after them” says the friendly message. The email address also has an automatic reply that thanks you for your comments and for helping out.

When he is not putting up flyers, he is stenciling, with temporary spray chalk, a toilet sign with the words “No Poop” on top of droppings he finds around his neighborhood. Finding the droppings is the easy part, says Cho, who chronicles four to five on his way to work in the morning.

“Most of the people appreciate my effort and enjoy the ideas, but a couple of people left me a furious voicemail expressing their disgust,” said Cho. “The most impressive voice mail was from a 12-year-old boy. Even the young little boy worries about dog poop on the street and appreciated my project.”

Cho plans to continue and has gotten replies from people looking for him to expand into their area. He will be going around Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a few weeks and then possibly coming back to Queens to hit Jackson Heights.

“A poop-free Queens is a better Queens for everyone.”



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