Queens Public Transit Committee holds rally in favor of Rockaway Beach Rail Line

Photo courtesy of Phillip McManus

They were rallying for the rail.

Over 30 people came out on Nov. 16 to show their support for the Rockaway Beach Rail Line.

The demonstration, which was put together by the Queens Public Transit Committee, took place at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard, where supporters for the rail line held up signs and showed others why they believe the restoration of the rail line is in the best interest of residents in Queens.

“This rally worked out great for us. Little by little we are getting our point across,” said Phillip McManus, president of the committee. “Transportation helps everybody and we need more of it

in south Queens where commutes to the city are currently 90 minutes.”

This was the first of many rail rallies that the committee wants to hold all around Queens. The group is based out of Rockaway, but McManus said it has been expanding rapidly as of late and had a number of people from various neighborhoods around Queens come down and show their support for the rail line.

McManus said he is in support of public parks, but not when it takes away a chance for transportation, such as building out the QueensWay instead of the Rockaway Beach Rail Line would.

“The QueensWay is a small idea that will help the few,” said McManus. “The Rockaway Beach Rail Line is a huge idea that will help so many people and open up transportation and alleviate traffic in south Queens.”

He stressed that even if the QueensWay does ultimately get the right of way, he and his group will not go away.

“We are not going to give up until we get [the rail line],” he said. “We are fighting to get what we need for Queens.”