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Ozone Pk. man allegedly had 1,300 pills: DA

By Sarina Trangle

An Ozone Park man was arrested after surveillance allegedly led police to more than 1,300 oxycodone and valium pills in his car, basement safe, kitchen cabinet and dresser and $811 in his possession, prosecutors said.

Queens district attorney Richard Brown said George Kurz, 36, was cuffed last week and charged with illegally possessing 1,385 prescription drugs as part of a long-term investigation.

“The drugs which the defendant is alleged to have trafficked in each have a street value of $20 to $25 a pill and are popular with club patrons despite the fact that they pose serious health risks,” Brown said in a statement. “Drugs such as oxycodone are extremely potent and have a high potential for abuse and death. Shutting down sources such as alleged in this case will save lives.”

It was not immediately clear who was representing Kurz.

Kurz was arraigned on criminal possession of a controlled substance charges before Queens Criminal Court Judge Elisa Koenderman last week, the DA said.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the complaint, police staked out Kurz’s home on Eckford Street near Raleigh Street Nov. 20 after a continuing investigation by the Police Department’s Organized Crime Investigations Division and the DA’s Rackets Bureau heard Kurz allegedly discussing and arranging the sale of narcotics in numerous conversations monitored under an eavesdropping warrant.

A detective stopped Kurz as he pulled out his car, and he allegedly told the detective he should remove his wallet from a bag on the front seat, the DA said.

Besides the wallet, prosecutors contend the detective uncovered a pill scrapper, six blue oxycodone pills stamped “215” and two bottles — one containing 103 blue oxycodone pills with “M30” on them and the other 14 green oxycodone pills marked “80.”

Authorities then used a search warrant to enter the house. They allegedly found hundreds more oxycodone pills and 38 valium tablets from an open basement safe, a dresser in the basement, a kitchen cupboard and bags consistent with those used to package pills on a bedroom shelf, the complaint said.

Prosecutors said $600 was recovered from Kurz and another $211 from his home.

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