Never shovel your driveway again? This Queens business shows you how!

Introducing Warmup, the world’s best-selling electric floor heating brand. Warmup products can be used indoors and offer a host of products for outdoor use in driveways, pipes, roofs and gutters. I bet you wish you had Warmup installed after this past weekend’s blizzard.

Warmup outdoor heating systems are composed of electrical cables and mats connected to moisture and temperature sensing controllers. When placed in concrete, asphalt or under pavers or stonework, Warmup snow melting products prevent the accumulation of ice and snow on roof and walkways.

The main benefit of electric heated systems over glycol-based systems is that they are much simpler to design, and considerably less expensive to purchase and install. All Warmup outdoor products carry a 10-year warranty.

In Your Bathroom

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional but it is now an important place to relax and unwind. Installing floor heating will add luxury when you want to pamper yourself and take the chill off tiles on a cold morning. This space is a personal sanctuary that sets the tone for both the beginning and end of your day. Having a floor heating system is also widely considered a key selling point, adding value to your home.

In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms should be warm and inviting. The even heat distribution and comfortable room temperature make under floor heating the perfect choice for a bedroom, creating an ideal environment for relaxing and recharging after a long day. You can enjoy more space and decorate freely as the room’s design, depending on your bedrooms heat loss, is not restricted by the space taken by radiators.

Heat any shape or size of room, from the basement to the bedroom, the sunroom or the home office, under carpet, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floors, using Warmup Foil Heating Mats!

After extensive research, Tiles Unlimited chose Warmup for a number of reasons including 24/7 customer support, a technical helpline to assist you prior to installation, their Safety Net guarantee and 30-year warranty on all indoor products. We were also impressed with their new thermostat with companion app to allow control of your heating from your smartphone (due in March 2016).

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