Howard Beach construction worker pointed shotgun at co-worker’s face during argument: DA

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Photos by Robert Stridiron

A 54-year-old construction worker from Howard Beach was arrested on April 12 for pointing a shotgun at a co-worker’s head after they got into a verbal dispute over work tools.

Michael Waldman, 52, was in his house at 101-11 159th Ave. that morning when his male co-worker asked to borrow tools from Waldman’s truck, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

This led to a dispute, authorities said, during which Waldman went to a closet to retrieve a 12-gauge shotgun and pointed it at his co-worker’s face. He threatened to pull the trigger and blow his co-worker’s brains out unless he left Waldman’s house, a spokesperson for Brown said.

The worker then pushed the gun up toward the ceiling and ran away, law enforcement sources said.

Later that day, police executed a court-authorized search warrant and allegedly recovered a 12-gauge shotgun with five cartridges of ammunition in the chamber from the bottom of a pool, a box of 18 12-gauge shotgun shells from a kitchen drawer and a gun cleaning kit from a shed that contained ten 30-caliber rounds for the rifle.

Waldman is awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court and is being charged with second-degree menacing, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, firearms (unlawful possession of pistol or revolver ammunition) and second-degree harassment.  If convicted of either of the top two charges, he faces up to a year in jail.
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