Howard Beach

I am really sad. My mom shopped there more than she did Waldbaum. The food was always fresh and tasty. Mom died in 94 and I continued to shop there until I moved on my dad's passing in 2012. My best wishes and prayers are with you in whatever endeavors you have for the future. I will miss coming there when I'm in the neighborhood.

It’s about time someone caught up with him.

This guy was always a wannabe moron

This summer could determine the date of the Rockaway Beach Branch between Queensrail and Queensway. There will be plenty of winners and plenty of losers.

I can't believe it how much has quickly changed since the Q52/Q53 SBS rolls around: More congestion, less local business, etc.

Select Bus Service: More like Select BS against the Queens Drivers. A catch-22, which is good for Straphangers and bad for drivers.

Another major arterial street bites the dust to the claws of Select BS.

Sandy gives a major wakeup call to the MTA by be adaptively resilient to future storms.

Implementation: Going to happen anyway; Major construction: Uncertain because of the Trump Administration.

We are going to spend millions of dollars to have cashless tolls? How about we get rid of the tolls especially to a small isolated Queens community that has been separated and redlined by our government for 80 years. Why does Rockaway have tolls in the first place? Corrupt leaders and real estate developers. Get rid of the tolls on our bridges and unite our borough and our city. People avoid tolls which divides our city. Stop discriminating against Queens and the outer boroughs. Give us back our time, freedom, safety and prosperity. Who wants to pay $8.50 to go to the beach when I can go to Coney Island or Long Island. Wake up and get organized. Join the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 or

Perhaps Sonny Corleone would be alive today if our tolls were equipped with "Cashless Tolling".

=More profits for car rental companies such as Avis who charge you the "cash rate" when you use their EZPass.

More cashless tolls = More important vehicles = More essential revenue = More air pollution.

The author who wrote this book about parenting, children and life choices is just as bad as Bill Cosby writing a book on respecting women and relationship goals. She was an absent mother who abandoned all four of her children, the only life choices she gave her children is to convince them to have abortions. She does not talk to 3 of the 4 of her children, not to mention any of her four grandchildren she has yet to meet. This book is nothing more than a Band-Aid to cover up the other life she never attempted to be a part of by presenting her image as a model citizen. In conclusion this book was written by somebody who has no idea what they are talking about, or even has the slightest clue about life choices let alone how to be a parent. DONT BE FOOLED!!!

You got it all wrong. John J. is the son of Peter Gotti. John Gotti's brother. Therefore the late Teflon Don is John J's uncle. Not grandfather.

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