Flushing resident shames Queens College dilapidated outdoor track, calling for repairs

Courtesy of Beverly Farber

A Flushing resident is calling for the resurfacing of the run-down Queens College Outdoor Track and Field that she says is shameless and dangerous. 

Beverly Farber, 71, who visits the track that is opened to the public, said it has deteriorated to the point where there isn’t one spot on a quarter mile of the track that doesn’t have damages to it. 

Farber is insisting that Queens College, located at 65-30 Kissena Blvd., repair the track that is also utilized by its athletes and Townsend Harris High School. 

“At least five years ago I spoke to one of the groundkeepers about why it was in the condition it was in, and he said it would cost $1 million to have it redone. You can’t run in a lane around the track without avoiding holes,” Farber said. “There is a man on the track who is at least 92 years old. I see him there a few times a week. I’m almost 72 and I’m there a few days a week and it’s not safe. I switch lanes when it’s really bad, and I’ve been there when Townsend Harris students are running the track and they run in the first and second lane, which are the worst lanes.”

It’s certainly an accident waiting to happen, according to Farber who walks around the track for exercise in the early morning hours.

“They have to be aware of this. They have their own athletic people on the track with students. I’ve seen there and they have maintenance people and groundkeepers … they’re very aware of it.”  

Not only is the track in need of repair, but also the athletic building with peeling paint that needs to be resurfaced as well, said Farber. 

(Photo by Beverly Farber)

“They keep the lawn in good condition because athletes play on it, but they don’t take care of the track,” said Farber. “There are people who bring their toddlers and you’ll see a big disintegrated track with little pebbles. Sometimes when I’m walking or jogging it hits my leg because it’s on the track. Other people who use the track have also told me about its poor condition.”

In a statement to QNS, Queens College said they’re encouraged by the cooperation and support of all concerned and are working toward the completion of a track upgrade by the end of next summer.

“The college sought and obtained New York state capital funds for upgrading and maintaining the outdoor athletic track,” Queens College said. “In particular, Assemblywoman Nily Rozic has been most helpful through her support for renovation efforts. The college is currently working with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) to finalize the grant approval process. Upon completion of this process, the college will conduct public solicitation for the track replacement work, following state of New York procurement guidelines. 

“Modernizing this vital athletic facility is an important priority of Queens College. It is frequently utilized by the students, faculty, staff, nearby high schools, and made available for community use,” the college added. 

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