Queens man gets up to 9 years behind bars for pimping out 15-year-old girl for two months

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A Queens man previously convicted of prostituting a 21-year-old woman will be serving even more time in prison for doing the same to a 15-year-old girl.

Corey Hannah, 37, of Hollis pleaded guilty last month to trafficking charges for forcing the teenage girl to sell her body to strangers over a two-month period in 2016. Hannah, who’s currently serving an up to 7 year prison sentence after his conviction on prostitution charges last year, was ordered on Aug. 15 to serve a concurrent term of 4 1/2 to 9 years behind bars.

“The defendant in this case forced a 15-year-old girl to trade sex for cash. The youngster — who was just 14 when she met the defendant — was demoralized in numerous ways during her ordeal,” Ryan said. “Prostitution is not a victimless crime. This teenage girl will hopefully overcome the trauma of this experience and move forward with her life. The court’s sentence is more than just given the heinous nature of the crimes committed.”

According to the charges, Hannah met the victim shortly before she turned 15, and later forced her into a life of prostitution between May and June 2016. He posted advertisements for the victim on Backstage.com, and arranged for trysts at hotels across Queens, pocketing all of the proceeds she made.

While under Hannah’s control, prosecutors said, the victim experienced an increasing pattern of violence. Hannah forced her to have sex with him when she refused to continue prostituting herself, and even burned her leg with a lit cigar.

In the other prostitution case, authorities said that Hannah met the 21-year-old victim through a phone dating service in March 2015 and took her out to dinner. During dinner, he stole her purse and identification, then shortly thereafter pressed her into sex sales.

Over several months, Hannah arranged for men to have sex with the 21-year-old victim at Queens hotels, pocketed the proceeds from the sex sales, and violently assaulted her on a number of occasions.

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