Queens gets its own Monopoly: Call for locals to shape the board

Mr. Monopoly in Queens
Photo courtesy of Hasbro/Top Trumps USA

Roll the dice, Queens!

Entertainment giant Top Trumps USA will launch a Queens edition of board game classic Monopoly this fall and is seeking the input of Queens residents and businesses to capture the true essence of the borough.

Top Trumps has collaborated with leading toy company Hasbro to launch Monopoly: Queens Edition and is asking well-established local businesses, organizations, and non-profits to nominate their favorite locations in the borough for the new board game.

The two companies are inviting members of the public and local businesses to put forward submissions through the Monopoly Queens submissions page until Mar. 15, with the official board game set to be released in the fall.

Mr. Monopoly in Queens (Hasbro/Top Trumps USA)

Manufacturers are encouraging people to make their submissions as early as possible to maximize the chance of your favorite spots being featured in the new Queens edition.

Since launching in 1935 with iconic tokens like the Racecar and Top Hat, Monopoly has remained a beloved classic, virtually unchanged in gameplay. Today, it remains a favorite family game, enjoyed by over 1 billion players in 114 countries.

Monopoly Queens will replace the famous squares from the original Atlantic City game, such as Boardwalk and Park Place, with iconic Queens landmarks, businesses and non-profits.

The upcoming board game will also include several Monopoly staples, including customized Community Chest and Chance playing cards, Monopoly money and property deeds.

Hasbro and Top Trumps said they are hoping to ensure that every detail of the new board game pays homage to Queens and its most famous locations and businesses.

Mr. Monopoly in Queens (Hasbro/Top Trumps USA)

Top Trumps representative Tim Barney said manufacturers are hoping to receive input from all sections of the Queens community.

“Queens is such a unique community with a rich history and vibrant and diverse culture. We aim to ensure that Monopoly: Queens Edition is an accurate portrayal of what Queens locals and tourists love about this charming borough,” Barney said in a statement.

“From little hole-in-the-wall spots to historic Queens staples, we would love for everyone to get on board and send us recommendations of their favorite businesses and organizations from all industries, as well as attractions and landmarks from all around town. It’s very much a game made by and for the people.”

Mr. Monopoly in Queens (Hasbro/Top Trumps USA)

Rob MacKay, Director of Queens Tourism Council, said the game is an opportunity to showcase Queens’ diversity and culture.

“Queens is the most diverse county in the entire world right now and more than half of residents were born in another country. Obviously, the restaurants are beyond incredible, but the borough is also a hot spot for culture, recreation, entertainment, shopping, hotels, history and even surfing,” MacKay said.

MacKay added that Queens has “a lot to give” for the upcoming board game.

To submit a location for the Monopoly Queens edition, click here or visit: www.toptrumps.us