For the 2008 presidential election, the on-site polling location at North Shore Towers was busier than previous years, according to one worker.
Each of the buildings at the Towers is its own election district. Voting booths are set up in the on-site catering hall for residents to cast their votes.
Information clerk Albert Grandier, who is also a resident of the complex, has spent the last four years working at the election site. He said that they had been “unbelievably busy” and said that there had been more people coming to vote than usual.
Voter Larry Smith, a resident of Building One, said that all together the process took him about half an hour.
“Usually I wait about two minutes, maybe four,” he said.
Smith has been voting at North Shore Towers for about 32 years and said this is the busiest he has ever seen it.
“I know it’s probably the most important election in the last 50 or 60 years,” Smith said.
Grandier said that the increased amount of people could be attributed to the importance of the presidential race, particularly because of worries over the economy. He also said that there has definitely been more excitement around the Towers for this election than for previous ones.
Another resident, Ellen Schreiber, had her grandchildren watch her vote. The children, 11-year-old Austin and 9-year-old Claudia, had also watched their mother, Carol Hanover, vote earlier in the day. Hanover said she thought it was important for them to know that it is a person’s civic right and duty to vote.
“It’s really cool because it elects the president and it’s a big job,” Claudia said.
Austin added, “Every person has the right to decide who they think should be president.”
Schreiber said that she thought it was wonderful to have her grandchildren with her while she voted.


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