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Bob Rochedieu explains more about the gym during a tour.

The Gym, Aerobics and Pool (GAP) Committee held a gym tour in November to try to encourage usage of this amenity by making it seem less intimidating.

“The key purpose of today is to help familiarize you with the many options available to you as a Country Club member,” said GAP Committee Chair Shelley Sander.

Lori Scolaro, aerobics director, said, “We want to really make you guys feel comfortable…”

In addition to hoping that current members will start to use the fitness programs more, Sander also said she hopes that individuals who aren’t yet members would decide to join.

“I don’t think that you can beat the value that you get with your membership,” she said.

Before event attendees were taken on tours of the facilities by committee volunteers and gym instructors, a video was shown to highlight the facilities and group fitness programs offered at the Country Club.

In addition to the gym, there is an indoor pool, billiards room, boxing room and aerobics classes that include cycling, Zumba, yoga, water aerobics and stretch classes, among others.

“We offer everything,” Scolaro said. “We have a fabulous staff.”

Scolaro also noted that there are gym attendants who can show members how to use the machines, although they cannot come up with specific fitness programs. However, there are personal trainers available, too.

Bob Rochedieu, a chair of the subcommittee that planned the event, said that the programs and activities offered can be tailored to the person’s own level of activity.

During the event, members were also reminded to consult with their doctor before beginning fitness programs.

June Rochedieu, also a chair of the event, described it as “a big hit” and said that about 70 people attended.

“Tours were given, many questions asked and renewed interest shown to attend the gym, aerobics and pool by everyone. There was an excitement and buzz about the event that surpassed our goals to get people excited about our fitness programs,” June said. “My husband and I are dedicated to helping people take control of their health and well-being through fitness. We’re seeing lots of changes at North Shore Towers and this new ‘pumped up’ spirit to start an individual wellness program for the New Year is great for every North Shore Towers resident.”

June said that she and her husband “wish everyone would go down to the gym.”

“There’s no other place I can think of that offers this type of extensive fitness program in your co-op complex,” June said.

Anyone interested in learning more about the gym can call the Country Club to make an appointment for a gym attendant to take them on a tour.

Sander also noted that the GAP Committee plans on holding gym tour events a few times a year and will likely do another one around the time that snowbirds return.


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