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Baysider Pursues Dream

After practicing law for 10 years, Bayside resident Scott Krokoff has given it up in order to pursue his dream of being a professional musician.
“I’ve always had an interest in music,” Krokoff said. “I’ve always had an aptitude for it, even when I was a kid.”
As a child, he could sit at a piano and play songs he had heard others play. He also played the trumpet in junior high school. When he was in high school, his step-father had a guitar that he would play with when no one was around.
In college, Krokoff began studying the guitar in more detail, finally buying his own when he was a junior. While going to Binghamton University, Krokoff and some friends were in a band together called Equinox, which became popular on the college scene. Even after graduating the band continued to play some shows in the New York City area. However, Krokoff said the band never made a serious push to make it a full-time career.
Krokoff said that he did the responsible thing and went into law. He said that the other members of the band also went on to have professional careers.
“I thought I could have the best of both worlds by being responsible but also having this on the side and always preserving this,” he said. “I never gave up my dream. As I got older it was a fire that grew stronger. I wasn’t satisfied just having this as an occasional hobby.”
Finally, about three or four years ago, Krokoff decided that he needed to make an attempt at a career in music or he would regret it for the rest of his life. He started to record a CD in his spare time back then and within the last few months has been focusing on his music. He has stopped working as a lawyer.
Krokoff said that as someone in his mid-30s he is older than most are when beginning a music career, which presents a challenge. However, he said that there is also a good market right now for independent artists.
Krokoff’s CD, “A Better Life,” is now officially out. Of the album’s 13 tracks, Krokoff wrote 11 on his own and co-wrote the other two.
“I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve with this one,” said Krokoff, adding that it is both exciting and nerve-racking to have his album released. “That’s what I’m looking for - the proverbial better life.”
So far Krokoff said that he has been getting “wonderful” feedback regarding the CD. He said the next step will be the hardest for him, which involves creating a fan base and marketing and promoting his music aggressively. He will also be looking to play more shows. Krokoff also said that he is excited by the challenge of it all.
“I spent most of my life doing something I didn’t want to do,” Krokoff said. “I had to do what my heart has been telling me to do for years.”
For more information on Krokoff and his music, visit www.myspace.com/scottkrokoff.

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