Southwest Airlines to launch service to LaGuardia

Southwest Airlines to launch service to LaGuardia
By Philip Newman

Southwest Airlines has announced plans to begin flights to LaGuardia Airport in the first such service by the airline to any New York City airport.

Southwest announced it would begin service to LaGuardia June 28 with five round-trip nonstop flights daily between LaGuardia and Midway Airport in Chicago and three round-trip nonstops between LaGuardia and Baltimore.

Gary Kelly, chairman of Southwest Airlines, said “for years customers have asked for Southwest service into New York City and we are now connecting two of our largest markets with the nation’s largest city.”

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) welcomed the announcement from Southwest Airlines.

“This is great news for New York City,” Gillibrand said.”Southwest Airlines is making a smart investment. I am hopeful that other carriers will follow their lead.”

Expanding air service and investing in infrastructure are key parts of Gillibrand’s strategy to fix the economy. She is a strong supporter of President Obama’s economic plan, which would create or save 215,000 New York state jobs and ensure long-term economic growth through investments in infrastructure, renewable energy, health-care technology and education.

Southwest Airlines, a low-cost carrier established in 1971, is based at Love Field  in Dallas.