Don’t believe negative attacks aimed at Carolyn Maloney

I’ve lived in Astoria for most of my life, so I’ve seen quite a few politicians come in with slick campaigns. But I’m having a hard time recalling attacks as nasty as the ones I’m getting in the mail targeting Carolyn Maloney. It’s really a shame, because I’ve always thought of Congresswoman Maloney as a champion for our neighborhoods. She got 9/11 responders a good health care settlement, brought in a lot of federal money for the East Side LIRR connector and the 63rd St. tunnel, and now is one of the major Democrats in charge of bringing the big banks back under control.

In my opinion, Congresswoman Maloney has always been there for us. I believe that Queens will be there for her on primary day, no matter what we get in the mail.

Theodore P. Kasapis