Halloran needs to find answers to blizzard blunder

The claims of our city councilman, Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), regarding a deliberate slowdown by the city Sanitation Department in cleaning up the accumulated snow after the Dec. 26 blizzard, ring out as no less than true. My point of view is born out by some observations in my neighborhood at that time.

Although our street, only two blocks in length, was plowed after the severe storm had moved on, the passable street was plowed several more times over the next few days. This seemed redundant and ridiculous to me.

What I then found unusual was that plow trucks and a front loader were parked alongside PS 41 while TV news was showing many other areas in Queens and streets in the other outer boroughs with totally impassable roads. I noticed this situation over several days but kept expecting that the plows would get rolling. All this is why the idea of a “sick-out” of workers raises a red flag for me.

The lack of any managed response by the city was as though the powers that be had never heard of a blizzard — 1947, anyone? — not to mention huge storms in recent years.

I support Halloran’s tireless work on behalf of our Queens community and support him in his effort to uncover the facts and investigate the slowdown situation. Do not let the naysayers, who are busy circling the wagons, even if many were not in the city during the storm, try to sidetrack the need for answers as to what happened Dec. 26 and why this mess was allowed to happen at all.

Those responsible should be held accountable.

John H. Ostendorf Sr.