VIDEO: A brother in Haiti lost no more

VIDEO: A brother in Haiti lost no more
Eight months passed before Stephanie Agustin was able to find out that her half-brother was alive and well in Haiti following the 7.3-magnitude earthquake. Photo by Christina Santucci
By Christina Santucci

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. More than 200,000 people died and more than one million people were left homeless. Immediately after the quake, many Haitians in New York were unable to get in touch with their loved ones to find out if they were ok. For Stephanie Agustin, who works at Haitian Americans United for Progress in Cambria Heights, a relief agency for Haitians lving it took more eight months to learn that her half-brother, Jean-Michael Lamothe, was still alive.

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