Three men in a room . . .

Just how many of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget, regulatory and good government reforms may be dead on arrival once reaching Democratic Speaker Sheldon Silvers desk? “Cuomo’s Challenge” (Editorial – January 13).
With 100 of 150 votes in the Assembly, Silver is in the driver’s seat. Silver controls his own members via lulus for chairing committees, passage of legislation, pork barrel member item earmarking, office budgets, staffing and mailings along with renewal of gerrymandering district boundaries every ten years after reapportionment.
Republican State Senate majority leader Dean Skalos has similar powers, but only controls his chamber by one vote. With Silver’s overwhelming majority, he can let many members off the hook when controversial bills come up for a vote and stop whatever he desires. Successful implementation of Cuomo’s agenda is clearly dependent upon the cooperation of both Silver and Skelos.
Along with Cuomo they make up Albany’s infamous “Three Men In the Backroom” who run the show.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

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