North Shore Towers to Launch New Communication System

A new communication systems soon to be launched at North Shore Towers will offer residents a wide array of benefits, ranging from notification of delivered packages to the opportunity for special offers from local, participating vendors.
When Stephen Silverman applied to join the House & Grounds Committee, which is chaired by Claire Levitan, he said he wanted to explore ways for the cooperative to go paperless and use technology more. That became the focus of the Technology Subcommittee, whose members include Silverman, Board members Levitan, Shelley Sander and Phyllis Goldstein, and General Manager Glen Kotowski.
The subcommittee eventually discovered that there is software being used by luxury buildings all over the country that helps make operations more efficient and effective.
Following a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors, the subcommittee’s recommendation of using the communication system www.mybuilding.org will be implemented.
North Shore Towers will have its own page, my.northshoretowers.com, where residents will be able to log on and do a variety of functions. Once residents sign up, they will receive information through my.northshoretowers.com via text, email or phone call, depending on what the preferences they indicate.
It will also aid package pick-ups. Currently residents find out about packages when the concierge tells them or they see it on a written list by the mail room. With the new system residents can choose to receive notification via phone call, text or email that a package has arrived for them.
To get into the system, a package’s barcode will be scanned in or the concierge will input the information into the system. Large screens in the lobbies, which were recently installed, will also list delivered packages.
Another feature is the resident “market place,” where individuals can post things for sale or rent or services they might be looking for.
Local vendors will be able to opt into the program, where, in exchange for being listed on the site, they will provide residents with special offers. A Resident Card will be issued to all those who participate to show at listed vendors to take advantage of their offers.
In addition, Towers residents will be able to get offers that have already been negotiated by other buildings that use mybuilding.org and also be eligible for theater and theme park ticket discounts and other offers through Plum Benefits.
Even though this system will give residents the opportunity to access information by logging on to their computers, everyone will still be able to see notices posted by the elevators or on lobby screens.
Those who wish will continue to receive letters and notices under their doors. Others can choose to opt-out of receiving information that way. Magnets will be given out to be placed on those individuals’ door to signal that they do not want written notices.
Levitan said, “It’s one more way we’re trying to go green.”
Management will have the ability to send communications, both emergency and non-emergency in nature. In the case of a true emergency, all residents can be contacted by telephone in six to eight minutes.
“It’s an enhanced communication system,” said Sander, noting that no one will be losing any form of notification already in use.
One of the key things the subcommittee emphasized was how easy this system, which is privacy protected, is to use.
“It is a very easy system to navigate,” Goldstein said. “It’s simple; if they can email, they can use the system.”
Although there is no exact launch date for my.northshoretowers.com, it is anticipated it will be in the next several weeks once systems testing and staff training is complete. Levitan said, “Guy Blachman, the CEO of mybuilding.org, will be joining us at a special launch meeting and will explain exactly how the system works.”
Then, there will be registration assistance and help to learn how to navigate the program. Even those without a computer will be able to register through the provided help so that they can still benefit from what my.northshoretowers.com has to offer.
“No one will be left out of the process,” Goldstein said.
In order to ensure the smoothest launch possible, Silverman said they will introduce functions in a step by step manner, giving residents a chance to become familiar with a few features at a time.
Goldstein described North Shore Towers as an innovative and progressive building. She noted this software is used by luxury buildings all over the country and that it helps make operations more efficient, effective and 21st century.
“We look forward,” Goldstein said. “It’s the way to go, and we’re going there.”
Sander said, “We don’t want to be behind the times.”
Board President Bob Ricken acknowledged the work of the committee.
“Any board that just sits on its laurels and doesn’t look forward is not going to help the institution,” Ricken said. “I think this creative initiative is something that will bring us into the next generation. All of the exceptional hotels and co-ops have a similar program and I applaud the committee for the time and effort they put in in investigating the vendors and selecting the one they did.”

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