Sacred Heart Wildcat Cheerleaders Roar

The Sacred Heart School Wildcat Cheerleaders, consisting of 36 cheerleaders attending first to seventh grade at the Glendale school, had their last game on Mar. 4. Pictured are (bottom row, left to right) Hailey Weissmeier, Mikayla Ryan, Noelle Jannello Ruiz, Jenna Murphy, (second row, left to right) Julianna Traina., Leah Weissmeier, Angelina Aponte, Marisa Kratske, Hailey Horvath, Jillian McGinty, Christina Calabrese, Julia Matisi, (third row, left to right) Kaila Berry, Caitlen Jellen, Niamh Norvez, Vanessa Whitmore, Chloe Norvez, Gretchen Pfluger, Crystal DiBenedetto, Elizabeth Gruber, Theresa Rogers, (top row, left to right) Kayla Sodano, Annie Pagano, Krystyna Ryan, Liana Pullara, Erin Watkins, Alessandra Porcaro, Leah Kober and Alyssa Calabrese. Not pictured are cheerleaders Brittany Borg, Jessica Graue, Kayla Rooney and Isabella Sarti, as well as coaches Danielle and Lee Federico, Meaghan Fontanez, Katherine Kurre, Jessica Miller and Mary and Gina Tuske.