Con Ed must carefully prune trees

The tree manglers hired by Con Edison to “trim” trees near overhead power lines have struck again. Trees are being mutilated and disfigured by the manglers cutting the centers out of trees or taking off the branches on one side of certain trees.

One large tree I saw on 45th Avenue in Auburndale now has all its branches on one side of its trunk. It has been destabilized. During the next fierce storm, that tree is ready to keel over right onto the house it is in front of. The person living there has a big problem and she is aware of it.

Con Ed, in its usual, arrogant way, claims its has to do it this way. It acts like the trees belong to it. Apparently, it has never heard of careful and sensitive pruning that would protect the power lines while retaining the shape and health of the trees. The supervisors and public relations people need to act on and correct this outrageous situation. Street trees belong to all of us and they must be taken care of properly.

Not only do the affected trees look ugly, but their survival is in jeopardy as well. Severe pruning opens trees up to disease and insect infestation. Property values are lowered as well. Our tree canopy is one of the reasons our neighborhood is so desirable. When trees are lopsided or stressed in this way, it makes a negative impact on a property’s curb appeal.

Perhaps the ultimate solution is to place all the power lines underground — not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety and the reduced chance of power failure due to storms year-round.

Henry Euler