HGTV, Big Apple Circus visit LIC Flea

Flea flip 1
THE COURIER/Photos by Liam La Guerre

The circus is coming to town, but first it stopped by the LIC Flea and International Food Bazaar over the weekend.

The Big Apple Circus made an appearance at the Flea to promote its upcoming shows to potential patrons and provide a little entertainment.

HGTV’s show “Flea Market Flip,” where contestants are given about $500 to search for items, revitalize them and resell for a profit, was also at the Flea this weekend with host Lara Spencer.

“Rather than just taste the different foods, we can take in the entertainment too,” said Flea-goer Landy Wu. “The kids always like the circus. If there is an opportunity I will bring them.”

The Big Apple Circus will be playing shows at Lincoln Center from October 25 through January 12. The circus also gave free tickets to the show with a free raffle.

“We are so excited; [my son] has been talking about the Big Apple Circus all week,” said Long Island City resident Lindsy Parrott. “There are so many kids in the neighborhood I think it’s smart for the LIC Flea to capitalize on the demographic and bring this to get the kids excited to come to the Flea with their parents.”

Manolo Blank, a self-defined ironic mime, represented the circus with small performances. The mime, who is also a clown, walked on stilts, juggled, told jokes and danced, to the excitement of children.

“It’s awesome, I am enjoying [the mime’s] character,” said Melqueuoroziry Capellan.