‘Education reformers’ is a misnomer

So-called reformers and certain daily tabloid editorial boards should admit it. They would trust the “wolf of Wall Street” to be the new city schools chancellor rather than accept anyone who has the blessing of the “tainted” teachers union.

They think training and years of their members’ aggregate classroom experience do not qualify them for leadership or a voice in education.

So who are the experts? Are they the sanctified entrepreneurs who by hook or by crook amassed an impressive portfolio and want to “give back” by conspiring to snuff out public schools and their unions in a two-for-one embrace known as a stranglehold? When will this sink this into their heads?

The teachers union is more than a collective bargaining unit. It is a professional organization in the vanguard of respected research. It embodies legitimacy. Would they in paranoia of the American Medical Association editorialize in favor of carnival barkers deciding which method of fixing hernias to approve?

And if they want to accuse the teachers union of shelling out big bucks on political action, they should better find an airtight hiding place for data, because the enemies of public education and unions have outspent them by a gigantic margin.

They have put their money where their bigotries are: center-stage and in the wings and shadows of public debate.

Ron Isaac