Jackson Heights native creates website to prop up short men

Harold Everton online photo
Photo courtesy Harold Everton

There is a now is place for every guy who has gotten the short end of the stick because of his height.

Jackson Heights native Harold Everton created AtEyeLevel.co, a website billed as a community forum for men 5’7” and under, last month to educate people about heightism and create a community where short men can give tips to overcome discrimination. The site already has about 300 registered members, active forums and articles.

Everton, who didn’t reveal his height but calls himself a “statistically normal short guy,” said that men are often stigmatized for their height and face prejudice in various situations, including their financial, romantic and professional lives.

“Every short guy I know has had an experience where someone makes fun their height,” Everton said. “You are taught when you are out of the womb that taller is better.”

Studies, such as “The Effect of Physical Height on Workplace Success and Income” by Timothy Judge of the University of Florida in 2004, revealed that taller men make more money on average than shorter men. There are also studies that show women are attracted to taller men. Everton believes there is a social negative stigma of short men, which for now is generally accepted by society.

Even the success of some short men is still riddled with negative references to their height, Everton said.

“Kevin Hart is a perfect example. He’s a very funny guy but jokes are always based on his height,” Everton said referring to the 5’2” actor and comedian. “Height is just an arbitrary trait, and it should not be indicative of someone’s character or success.”

Everton’s idea came after reading studies about heightism and blogs dedicated to it. It made him think back to times in his life where he felt slighted because of his height, including once losing a job to a taller person.

Everton, a graduate of Brooklyn College, has a bachelor’s degree in music education and an MBA in media from Metropolitan College of New York. He is a 10-year veteran New York City high school music production teacher, and has made a name for himself on online marketplace Fiverr. He has made commercials and voice-overs for hundreds of clients on the website for nearly two years, and earned the ranking of top-rated seller on the website within a year.

He doesn’t want AtEyeLevel.co to be a site for negativity, but one that gives confidence for short guys and tries to open society’s eyes to height discrimination.

“You’re never going to eradicate heightism in the same way that you’re never going to eradicate racism,” Everton said. “The goal is to provide a community where short guys can get together and exchange tips. You are who you are and you can’t really change it.”