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on a Mission to Improve R’wood

Local Man’s Calls For Repairs Pays Off

A local resident is taking traffic matters into his own hands, residents learned at the Farmers Oval Civic Association meeting last Thursday, May 29, at the Ridgewood Baptist Church.

Tony Salvatore informed attendees of progress made on some local projects he’s taken on in a personal effort to make the community safer.

So far, Salvatore stated, the city responded to his requests to install five street lights and several stop signs at key intersections and a speed bump was put in on 65th Street between 68th and Catalpa avenues.

As of last Thursday, Salvatore stated, two stop signs have been approved for the intersections of 65th Street and Catalpa Avenue and 65th Street and 68th Avenue.

He’s hoping to get another speed bump on 65th Street and another stop sign at 64th Street and Catalpa Avenue, but thinks it may not be feasible, considering the 104th Precinct stationhouse is on the corner.

Salvatore said he’s just “trying to get the community a better and safer place to live in.”

Scam warning

P.O. Edwin Collado of the 104th Precinct Crime Prevention Unit warned members at the meeting that scams are still at large in the community, especially the Green Dot scam.

As previously reported, perpetrators masquerading as the IRS, Con-Edison, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) or distressed relatives call residents claiming they owe back taxes, fines, fees, or their family member needs financial help. The suspects tell the resident to purchase a prepaid debit card at a local store with values from a few hundred dollars to as much as $5,000.

The victim is instructed to call the scammer back and give them the serial number over the phone in order to avoid supposed consequences.

Collado also reported that car thefts are up significantly in the 104th Precinct and citywide. Thieves are also breaking into cars and stealing wallets, purses, and electronics left inside.

The 104th Precinct is registering cars and electronics at their stationhouse at 64-02 Catalpa Ave. Once registered the items can be returned to their rightful owner if they are ever lost or stolen.

Members debated over sanitation rules as the department has been cracking down on various disposal violations. Several residents in the area have received stiff citations for violations including not sweeping 18 inches in the road in front of their property, not properly recycling; one woman claimed a friend of hers was ticketed for having a gum wrapper in her tree.

The Farmers Oval Civic Association generally meets on the last Thursday each month at 7:30 p.m. at Ridgewood Baptist Church, located at 64-13 Catalpa Ave.

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