Overall crime down from last year: 111th Precinct

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North Queens is experiencing a 16 percent drop in crime from last year, according to officers from the 111th Precinct.

Patrol Borough Queens North spans from Bayside to Ridgewood, and encompasses the 104th, 108th, 109th, 110th, 111th, 112th, 114th and 115th precincts.

In the 111th Precinct, overall crime is down 17.19 percent this year as of April 26. Officers reported 236 complaints so far for 2015, compared to 285 in 2014.

The biggest drops were found in the rates of grand larceny and robbery, which dropped 24.3 percent and 19 percent respectively. Although the overall robbery rates have gone down for the year, the 28-day robbery rate has held steady from last month, with five recorded both this month and the previous month.

Three of the recent robbery complaints took place in the last two weeks in the area around Benjamin Cardozo High School, where Queensborough Community College students reported stolen cellphones. Police do not have a specific suspect in mind and the investigation is still ongoing.