Tree attacking Astoria woman’s house

The tree attack
Photos courtesy Joanne D’Errico

Now that’s a tree-hugger.

Longtime Astoria resident Joanne D’Errico is stumped about what to do about a clingy street tree whose branches have been barking up her home, blocking windows and pressing on the front of her house.

“It looks like it’s eating my house,” D’Errico said. “God forbid if there’s a fire, there is no way to open the windows.”

D’Errico has called 311 numerous times since last summer to complain and have the problem fixed, but city officials have not remedied the situation.

D’Errico has lived in the home near the middle of Crescent Street between 24th Avenue and Hoyt Avenue North for 50 years.

She isn’t completely certain but said roughly 20 years ago the city planted the tree in front of her home. The branches block all windows on the second floor, preventing her from opening them. She fears if the branches grow any longer they could actually damage the windows during strong winds.

The branches have actually pressed in a window before and she had to fix it, D’Errico said.

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, D’Errico is not planning to cut the tree herself because she is afraid of being fined for tampering with Parks Department property.

She is still hoping to leave the issue to the city agency, and actually likes having the tree in front her home.

“I love trees,” D’Errico said. “I just want it off my windows.”

Representatives from the Parks Department have not yet responded to The Courier’s request for comment on the handling of this situation.