Bayside High School football team gets new helmet donation

Football players at Bayside High School will be a little bit safer when they receive new helmets through a grant from a nonprofit dedicated to providing medical care to student athletes.

The Grant for Athletics, Medicine and Education, or the G.A.M.E. Foundation, was founded by Howard Levy in 1996 to provide sports medicine services to New York City public schools.

The organization was founded at Bayside High School 20 years ago, and it has since grown to include student athletes in basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, track and field, and tennis in addition to football.

Levy was thrilled to have the chance to give back to the student body with the donation of a new set of football helmets.

“Injury prevention is our top priority,” Levy said. “Proper fitting helmets, along with proper technique instruction, are critical to minimizing the risk of concussion for every player.”

According to Joe Capuana, athletic director of Bayside High School, proper preparation and training are essential elements in reducing sports injuries.

“We are very grateful to have received this grant from G.A.M.E. to help prevent injuries in our student athletes,” Capuana said. “In my experience, and in research reports I’ve reviewed, students who play sports at schools supervised by an athletic trainer have a much lower incidence of injury.”