Community garden in Ridgewood gets name, and its creator is honored by local lawmakers

Garden citations web
QNS/Photo by Anthony Giudice

After a week of voting and much input from the community, George Negoescu, creator of the beautiful community garden on the Glendale/Ridgewood border, has decided on a name for his project: Ridgewood Garden.

There were several options for the name of the garden and plaza area that Negoescu has spent much of his personal time and money creating. After 174 online votes, the community chose Cypress Garden after Cypress Hills Street and Shaler Avenue where the garden is located.

Negoescu, however, wanted the name of the garden to reflect everyone from the neighborhood who comes to the garden, so he went with the broader Ridgewood Garden name.

The garden’s name was announced during a special citation ceremony held at Ridgewood Garden on Friday, June 24, where Negoescu was honored by local elected officials, thanking him for his hard work and dedication in beautifying the neighborhood for all to enjoy.

On hand to present Negoescu with citations were Assemblyman Mike Miller, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and staff from Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi’s office, as well as members of the Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association (RPOCA), the Farmers Oval Civic Association and members of the community.

“I just saw what George did, and I just wanted to thank him for doing all of this, with his own time, his own money to beautify the community,” Miller said at Ridgewood Garden. “It really is beautiful. I’m impressed with the bricks and the benches, and everything else here. To have the talent to be able to do that, I am very impressed. You’re a positive person in the community.”

Miller then presented Negoescu with a citation from himself and Assemblyman Hevesi, thanking him for all the hard work he put into building Ridgewood Garden.

“Our community is not as good as it is without the people like you who are dedicated, who give of their time, energy and resources — I know you’ve put a lot of money behind this, as well as really your blood, sweat and tears over the years,” Crowley said as she presented Negoescu with a citation from the City Council. “So I wish you continued success here and look forward to possibly expanding and opportunities.”

Miller and Crowley both agreed to look into getting help from with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or the Parks Department to help water Ridgewood Garden. Currently, Negoescu waters the garden himself by bringing buckets of water from his Ridgewood home to the site.

“I did not expect this,” Negoescu said of being recognized by the local elected officials. “It is very kind from their side to notice my efforts and to appreciate my work.”

Negoescu is now working on getting a plaque created with the name Ridgewood Garden to place at the garden.

For more information about Negoescu and Ridgewood Garden, visit the brand-new website and check out the GoFundMe page created by a local resident to get donations to help Negoescu recuperate some of the money he put into making the garden and to help maintain the space.