Help pick community projects for next year’s $1M participatory budgeting session

Photo via Shutterstock

During the 2016 City Council Participatory Budgeting session, more than 2,400 votes were cast in District 30, where residents decided to spend $1 million in funding on improving the schools and libraries across Glendale, Ridgewood, Middle Village and Maspeth.

Now, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is already accepting ideas for the next participatory budgeting cycle.

Through an online poll, residents can make multiple votes — two plus votes and one minus vote — on what they would like to see included on next year’s participatory budgeting ballet.

Votes can be cast for returning projects such as school facility renovations like providing technology improvements to schools with laptop carts and smartboards for classrooms; improvements to public parks, including renovations to children’s swing area, upgrades to the basketball courts and horticulture beautification; and local arts and culture projects.

New issues that can be voted on include renovations to community youth and senior centers, tree planting and greening of public spaces as well as bus and train stop improvements.

Voting is open until 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 30, so vote to make your voice heard.