Asian-American voters find lines but few voting problems in Flushing

Voters at PS 20 in Flushing waiting to cast their ballots.
Photo by Gina Martinez
By Gina Martinez

In Flushing polling sites frequented by Asian-American voters few problems emerged.

A poll worker at PS 22 on Sanford Avenue said there was a constant flow of voters throughout the day and there were no issues. The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund had various workers posted at sites to ensure there would be no discrimination or obstacles due to language barriers.

Judson, an Asian Flushing resident, said there should be no fear of voting problems for Asians in Queens despite GOP candidate Donald Trump’s warning about a possible rigged election.

“It just wouldn’t happen in New York City,” he said. “ I don’t know about outside the city. We’re such a melting pot. In these diverse urban areas minorities are the norm. But I could imagine poll monitoring would be necessary in other parts of the country.”

PS 20 on Barclay Avenue in Flushing had longer lines and more voters crowded into the gym, but people were patient. Poll workers again said everything was running smoothly and that language was not a barrier.

At nearby JHS 189 on Barclay Avenue there was a quieter scene, with no reported issues and all the voters in and out in less than a few minutes.

Gina Martinez

TimesLedger reporter

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