‘Ghost car’ driver arrested in East Elmhurst after traffic stop reveals weapons, threatening note: NYPD

ghost car
Police from the 110th Precinct stopped a ghost car on Ditmars Boulevard in East Elmhurst early Wednesday morning and found a cache of weapons and an ominous note. They took the driver, Judd Sanson, 29, into custody.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

Police from the 110th Precinct in Elmhurst discovered an arsenal of weapons in a ghost car they pulled over on Ditmars Boulevard and 86th Street in East Elmhurst early Wednesday morning.

NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey held a press briefing at the 110th Precinct on Wednesday afternoon to discuss what the sergeant and three officers from the 110th Precinct public safety team found when they pulled over a black Ford Explorer at around 1:30 a.m. because it had blacked-out license plates.

“They recovered one 9mm Glock handgun and nine fully loaded magazines; they recovered heavy body armor; they recovered handcuffs, NYPD uniform items, a stun gun, multiple knives, a weighted whip and an expandable baton,” Maddrey said.

Photo courtesy of the NYPD

The officers arrested 29-year-old Judd Sanson, who claimed he lived on Jamaica Avenue near 192nd in Hollis, but Maddrey cautioned that detectives are checking to see if that is his real address. Maddrey also said that a New York City Transit vest was recovered along with a Guy Fawkes mask that is favored by anarchists, a blow torch, and a machete.

An ominous note written in a foreign language stating that he was going to do something bad was also found, but Maddrey said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss its contents.

Sanson was booked at the 110th Precinct, where he was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and ammunition and issued a violation for the obstructed license plates.

Maddrey noted that the arrest of Sanson took place just a block away from where a Venezuelan migrant shot two cops from the 115th Precinct in Jackson Heights on Monday, June 3.

“Members of this department make gun arrests, weapons arrests, arrests for knives every day, but an arrest of this magnitude, the amount of ammunition, NYPD paraphernalia in the car was significant,” Maddrey said, adding that the investigation remains ongoing and that the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force and other law enforcement agencies have been informed about the contents of the letter found in the vehicle.