CDPAP keeps the elderly and disabled in control and in their homes

Senior couple at home

Your parents are getting older, and your concerns for them are growing. Should they continue living at home? Should they move to an assisted living facility? If they stay at home, should they receive home care? Would hiring a home health aide (HHA) really provide a sufficient level of care? If your parents move to an assisted living facility, how can you be sure they will get the care and attention they really need?

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a program offered by the NY state government that allows elderly and disabled patients to choose their own caregivers called personal assistants (PA). As seen on cdpapny.org, “CDPAP is a Medicaid program that allows consumers to direct their own home care. One of the highlights of the program is that it allows family members and friends to get paid to care for their loved ones.”

One of the many benefits of CDPAP home care includes giving your loved ones the ability to stay in their own home while providing them with the care they need. This eliminates the frustrations and discomforts that come with your parents living away from their home and moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. With CDPAP, your elderly or disabled loved one can remain comfortable and at peace in their familiar surroundings. By opting for CDPAP home care services, your loved ones feel more secure, in control, and can manage their own care.

Once your loved one selects a friend or family member that best fits their needs to be their PA, a state provided nurse helps determine a care plan and the number of hours of care they qualify for. By choosing and training who will care for them, your mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, relative or close friend can have confidence their PA will do what’s best for them. Your loved one can be at peace knowing that someone they trust and feel comfortable around will be the one providing the care and attention.

Since the PA has a close relationship with the patient, the patient’s needs are met with a more personalized and sensitive style of care that matches their lifestyle. PAs knows the ins and outs of your loved one’s habits and routines, making a more positive homecare experience. As a friend or family member, the PA cares for your loved ones on a more personal level, providing a higher quality of care and ensuring a healthier lifestyle.

Have a chat with your senior or disabled loved one today about applying for CDPAP. If your loved one needs help applying for Medicaid, Homecare Planning Solutions can help your loved one with the Medicaid application process for free.

To start the CDPAP enrollment process or if you have any CDPAP questions, contact Edison Home Health Care to learn how you can get paid to take care of your loved ones and how they can take control over their health again. Edison Home Health Care is a Licensed NY State CDPAP agency ready to help. Give them a call at 718-285-7495.