Enough is enough with Mr. Trump

By Joyce Shepard

Do the people remember when President Richard Nixon made one very big mistake and was impeached?

President Nixon made one mistake in the eight months he sat in the Oval Office, while President Donald J. Trump has been in office less than three weeks, as I am writing this letter, and has made big mistakes each day of his reign.

When is enough enough?

I was appalled when Trump announced that U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer was crying “fake” tears as he protested the “ban” on Muslims.

Could it be possible that the “ban” on Muslims brought memories of the Holocaust and the ban against Jews?

Could it be possible that Senator Schumer’s parents were in that ban?

When will enough be enough?

When will our representatives start discussing an impeachment effort to get this madman out of the Oval Office?

And, send him back to his failing businesses before he makes our country bankrupt.

When will our first lady appear?

Or, is Melania shedding tears as Senator Schumer did because her husband’s reign reminds her of the communist country she fled.

Can someone with knowledge please answer my questions and let the people know what we can do to get Trump out of Washington and send him back to his ivory (gold) tower?

Joyce Shepard

Bay Terrace