Parker Jewish Institute expands its horizons to provide 21st century health care

The headquarters of Parker Jewish Institute in New Hyde Park.
Photo courtesy of Parker Jewish Institute

Through a planned expansion of community-based outpatient services, Parker Jewish Institute has extended the range and reach of its renowned health care services and expertise, into the neighborhoods and homes of Nassau County, Queens and beyond.

Parker’s flagship health care and rehabilitation center, a leader in teaching and geriatric research, is a 527-bed skilled nursing facility with a comprehensive system of post-acute care, including short term rehabilitation, nursing care and medical services.

Parker’s expanded community network embodies the “Nursing Home Without Walls” concept, offering the following: Home Health Care Agency; Social Adult Day Care Program; NORCs Partnerships; Medical House Calls for Older Adults; Hospice; Medical Transportation; Kidney Dialysis; AgeWell New York, and much more.

Home Health Care Agency makes it possible for older adults to receive short term quality care in the comfort of one’s home, through provision of intermittent skilled home care services as needed and ordered by one’s physician, to restore patients to maximum health. Patients may be referred by a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or an area physician. Parker’s agency is licensed to operate in seven New York metro area counties.

Social Adult Day Care is for frail older adults and those with early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Parker’s new “Parker on Madison” center, which opened in September 2016, serves Hempstead and surrounding towns. The center provides Social Adult Day Care Services for seniors living at home, plus vital respite and support for their family members. Caregivers can now go back to work, care for their children, shop and even see friends again, knowing that mom or dad is having fun and receiving great care too.

NORCs Partnerships, by deploying Parker’s Registered Nurses at several Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs), the Institute is developing unique relationships with area NORCs with the goal of promoting health and wellness for their residents. These older adults are thus able to remain healthy and independent in their homes for as long as possible. An added benefit is that they now have access to the full range of Parker’s multi-disciplinary community-based resources.

Parker at Your Door is a physician home visit program for older adults. Parker knows it can be difficult to get the medical attention one needs when people are not well enough to travel to their physician’s office. Now, with Parker at Your Door, a physician can provide residents with quality health care, right in the comfort of their own homes.

The Hospice Program at Parker is a comprehensive community hospice offering highly specialized care for terminally ill patients and family support. Through pain control and symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support, Parker’s experienced professional staff provides care at home, at Parker Jewish Institute, or at other contracted nursing facilities. Members of the hospice team create personalized, comprehensive care plans that meet the individual needs of each patient, and foster a calm and loving environment comforting both patient and family members alike.

Lakeville Transportation Ambulette was created to deal with the transportation needs of kidney dialysis patients, for transportation to appointments with physicians, to Parker’s Social Adult Day Care program, or other skilled nursing facilities for their medical needs. Parker has instituted tracking devices on each of their vehicles, so the dispatcher can communicate with drivers in case of an accident. Also, Lakeville Ambulette can pick up Parker employees in the event of inclement weather or snow storms.

Queens-Long Island Renal Institute is a sister organization of Parker Jewish Institute. State-of-the-art kidney dialysis services are provided for the residents of Parker and for older adults living in surrounding communities. The Renal Institute has been in existence for about seven years.

AgeWell New York , a Parker affiliate, is a Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan authorized by New York State. AgeWell allows older adults with disabilities and persons with chronic illnesses, to stay in their homes as long as possible. They coordinate and pay for a person’s health and long term care services, providing choice and flexibility in the selection of necessary care. In 2016, AgeWell worked with over 10,000 older adults and their families, to coordinate and manage their health care needs.

Located in New Hyde Park on the border of Nassau and Queens, Parker serves one of the largest and most ethnically-diverse areas in the U.S. According to the last U.S. Census, 48 percent of the population here is foreign born.

For over 100 years, Parker has been an innovator in the design of specialized programs for older adults, expanding continuously throughout its history to meet the needs of elderly New Yorkers. Parker’s community-based services will be increasingly important in years to come, as U.S. long term health care needs increase exponentially.

For more information on Parker’s host of community-based services, click here or call 877-727-5373.