This Astoria performance space wants to help you start your own podcast

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Q.E.D.

Podcasting has exploded in popularity in recent years with the introduction of popular programs such as “Serial,” which unpacks a new crime story every season. Now, one Astoria performance space is providing aspiring podcasters with a space and equipment to work on their own podcasts.

Q.E.D., located at 27-16 23rd Ave., recently opened Q.E.D Studios for those interested in recording a podcast or voiceover work. The studio offers four microphones, audio equipment and the ability to use Pro Tools. The studio also provides a technician to record and mix episodes for those who are not familiar with the technology.

Chris Gersbeck, the public relations and marketing manager for Q.E.D., said the event space wanted to provide its community with a more affordable option to record podcasts and also encourage people who were interested in the medium but didn’t know how to get started with an outlet.

“We have a lot of different types of programming,” Gersbeck said. “A lot of it is comedy related and a lot of comedians right now have podcasts. We had this space in the basement so it just seemed like a good time to kind of provide an affordable space for the community.”

Gersbeck helped build the studio, which took a few months and officially opened in July. Though other venues like The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City and Comedy Cellar in Manhattan have podcast studios, their mostly used to create content for the clubs themselves.

Q.E.D. Studios is affordable for up-and-coming comedians and is also used by filmmakers to record narration or voice over work.

“The response has been great,” Gersbeck said. “We’ve gotten a lot of people who don’t have a podcast yet and have been waiting for something like this to happen [and] people who want to start a podcast and they don’t quite know how. That’s been kind of exciting.”

He also added that its one of the only studios in the city with podcasting in mind. The interface allows people to adjust the audio levels of each microphone in post-production, which makes for a better sound.

Q.E.D. is offering classes for those interested in learning about the medium. On Aug. 19 at noon, “Intro to Podcasting” will cover the basics like coming up with the idea for your show, equipment, recording tips and more.

On Aug. 26, the “Podcast Promotion” class will teach beginners how to find an audience and promote your podcast.

Gersbeck will teach the classes along with Colin Fitzgerald. The duo has their own pop culture podcast, “Overkill (with Chris and Colin),” where they ask people to share what tv show, movie, album or other aspect of pop-culture they are obsessed with.

Though the studio its in its early stages, Gersbeck said Q.E.D. hopes “to be a space where comedians want to come and hang out and record their episodes.”

The base rate is $30 per hour and people can also purchase session packages. A dedicated technician costs an additional $20 per session.

For additional information on pricing or to make a reservation, visit Q.E.D.’s website.