Four schools from Queens win second-annual NYC Ferry naming competition

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Photo courtesy of the NYCDEC

The NYC Ferries have some brand-new names thanks to second-graders from Queens and other areas of the city.

Second grade classes from schools across New York City were asked to submit names for the newly launched NYC Ferries. The competition is aimed to engage some of the youngest New Yorkers on the city’s newest mass transportation system.

“Kids say the coolest things, and for the second year in a row New York City school children are not disappointing,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “These are inspired nautical names, ones our new ferry boats will proudly carry.”

Name submissions from four Queens schools were chosen from this year’s competition: “Rainbow Cruise” was entered by P.S. 330 in Corona, “Starlight” from Long Island City’s P.S. 112 Dutch Kills, “Spring Mallard” from P.S. 148 in East Elmhurst and “The Ocean Queen Rockstar” from Far Rockaway’s P.S. 197 The Ocean School.

“The kids who came up with the name Ocean Queen Rockstar are why I love this town so much,”  said Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen. “Every one of these NYC Ferry boat names have swagger and panache – and these students and their schools should be incredibly proud.”

Additional winning names for the 2018 contest include “Seas the Day,” “Unity” and “Golden Narrows” from P.S. 102 The Bay View School; “The Jewel of The Harbor” from P.S. 170 The Ralph A. Fabrizo School; “The Atlantic Compass” from P.S. 270 The Johann Dekalb School; and “Traversity” from P.S. 29 The John M. Harrigan School.

Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and Councilman Daniel Dromm visited and congratulated a second-grade class at P.S. 148 that submitted the name Spring Mallard.

“Congratulations to the P.S. 148 students who won the 2018 NYC Ferry Vessel Naming Competition,” Dromm said. “Spring Mallard is such a creative name for a vessel which will be known to millions of people who take the ferry each day. I join Deputy Mayor Glen in applauding all the work they and other students from across the city put into this project.”

In 2017, the first NYC Ferry vessel-naming competition produced names for 13 NYC Ferry vessels: “Lunchbox,” “Urban Journey,” “Waves of Wonder,” “Friendship Express,” “Connector,” “Flyer,” “Opportunity,” “Happy Hauler,” “Great Eagle,” “Owls Head,” “McShiny,” “Munsee” and “Sunset Crossing.”

“An innovative ferry system deserves the kind of innovative boat names that could only come from our most creative New Yorkers,” said NYCEDC President James Patchett. “Years from now, these second-graders will be proud of seeing the ferryboats they named floating around the iconic New York City Harbor.”

For more information on NYC Ferry, visit www.ferry.nyc.