Retro Fitness gym set to open new location in Queens Village

Retro Fitness gym set to open new location in Queens Village
Photo by Naeisha Rose
By Naeisha Rose

Retro Fitness, a low-cost gym with high-end equipment expects to have its grand opening during the last week of November in Queens Village. Locals can get an early sneak peek of the state-of-the-art facilities now.

The ADA-accessible 15,000-square-feet gym is located at 113-05 Springfield Blvd. and has a basic membership available for $19.99 per month to use all the equipment and a standard membership of $29.99 per month that includes group classes, child sitting and an unlimited use of its Hydro Massage chair, according to manager Danny Agmon.

Local residents can preview the gym from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends, according to a spokeswoman for the gym.

The childcare at the gym will be available Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.and again at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. for children ages 3 to 12 on the first floor, according to Agmon. A childcare expert would be watching over the children and photo identification would be used to check-in and out kids for safety, and the kids also have their own ADA-bathroom.

There is an elevator, and cardio equipment and a hydro chair are on the first floor, according to the manager.

“The Hydro Massage works on water and it’s going to be included in the $29.99 a month membership, which would include all the equipment, 25 to 30 classes we run a week, and the childcare,” said Agmon. “The Hydro Massage uses 20 gallons of water in the machine and it is a full body massage that is good for post-workout, muscle recovery, and professional NFL players use it after a workout.”

Football players aren’t the only users of the machine. Didi Gregorius, the shortstop for the New York Yankees is also a Retro Fitness member with access to the chair, according to Agmon. Retro Fitness is also a certified gym of the baseball team.

Some of the cardio equipment includes StairMaster, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and a Zero Runner, according to Agmon.

“The Zero Runner is another type of treadmill that lets you run in place,” said Agmon, but without the confusing configurations of a regular treadmill. “It brings your heart rate up and is high intensity.”

The red and yellow cardio equipment helps with glutes, legs and stamina, according to Agmon. The red and yellow color scheme at Retro Fitness gyms is meant to bring motivation and optimism to members.

Also, on the first floor is a space for a high-intensity team boot camp worth $80.00, according to Agmon. Another equipment members could use is the 180-tire.

“The 180 saves space and is much safer than a full tire,” said the manager. “It’s a full body workout like a squat and since it’s a 180 you can flip it with another member.”

There is also a space for yoga, spin cycling, Zumba and strength training 45-minute classes, which are apart of the $29.99 membership.

The second floor includes ADA-accessible bathrooms and locker rooms with showers for both women and men, and free weights with up to 45-pound plates, bench presses with 45-pound weights, dumbbells up to 120 pounds, barbells up to 110 pounds and EZ bars up to 110 pounds.

“EZ bars are curved and are good for biceps, triceps and the chest,” according to Agmon.

There are also full body machines that help users with perfecting their form and have pictorial instructions to make sure they are using the equipment properly.

A lot of the machines are retrofitted to help members from getting strains; some equipment is shaped to keep from making too much noise or from rolling away and injuring members, according to Agmon.

“We have assisted pull ups so that people can do pull ups without using all their weight,” said Agmon. “There are instructions on the equipment so if people don’t know how to use something they learn how to sit, what to do and the capacity on them.”

There are also speed bags and heavy bags for boxing on the second floor.

Members who want help from any of the four personal trainers five times a month and have unlimited access to other classes and equipment can $200.00 a month for that service.

The gym also comes with Retro Blends energy drinks, protein drinks, smoothies and muscle milk, according to Agmon. It also has a contract with Under Armour for gloves, hoodies, tank tops and more accessories.

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