Third-annual Santa Claus bike ride in East Elmhurst celebrates holidays and cycling

Photo courtesy of Ciclistas Latinoamericano de New York

Ciclistas Latinoamericanos de New York, a Jackson Heights-based bicycling group, is hosting the third annual Santa Claus bike ride on Sunday, Dec. 2, at Gorman Playground, located in East Elmhurst  between 30th Avenue and 84th Street.

Cyclists of all ages are encouraged to meet up at the playground 9:45 a.m. and ride for 3 miles around the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Corona and East Elmhurst in holiday-themed costumes.

According to the Ciclistas Latinoamericanos de New York founder, Claudia Corcino, the ride is a fun way to encourage bicycle use among children and raise awareness about the need for more protected bike lanes in the city.

“I used to commute to work every day but now I can’t,” said Corcino, who traveled by bike to her job in East Elmhurst. Now that Corcino works in the Lower East Side, the lack of protected bike lanes connecting Queens to Brooklyn forces Corcino to take smaller streets to get to work, increasing her travel time.

“Things have improved though,” said Corcino, but she added that more work needs to be done.

Riders will also be stopping at Northern Playground at Northern Boulevard and 94th Street in Jackson Heights.

Corcino requested that none of the riders dress up as Santa Claus to avoid a fleet of St. Nicks confusing small children. Corcino’s husband and co-founder of Ciclistas Latinoamericanos, Rodney Corcino, will dress up as Santa.

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