New Mediterranean restaurant replaces former M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS 1 in Long Island City

Photos via MoMA PS 1

A renowned chef to the art world is bringing a new Mediterranean restaurant to MoMA PS 1 in Long Island City this April.

Chef Mina Stone in collaboration with artist Alex Eagleton will open up the eponymous Mina’s to replace M. Wells Dinette, which closed its doors on Feb. 28.

Stone’s restaurant, which will be the first in her culinary career, will draw on her Greek heritage and feature a frequently changing menu to showcase seasonal ingredients.

“Like any great art form, food has the power to transport you,” Stone said in a statement. “Mina’s will be a complement to the creative atmosphere of the museum, adapting traditional recipes to the modern palate with our signature style of cooking that is effortless, healthy, authentic and approachable.”

The chef has been a prolific presence in the art scene over the past 15 years, cooking at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. In 2015 she penned her book “Cooking for Artists,” which was designed by artist Urs Fischer and featured over 70 of Stone’s recipes.

Also included in the book are artistic works by creative partner Eagleton, Hope Atherton, Darren Bader, Matthew Barney, Cassandra MacLeod and many others.

Renovations on Mina’s began on March 1 and the restaurant’s kitchen and interiors will be designed by Eagleton and architect Isobel Herbold. Mina’s will also include plant design by the New York-based company Fleurotica and a natural wine program selected by Molly McIver.

Museum patrons at 22-25 Jackson Ave. have had the pleasure of dining at M. Wells Dinette since it opened in 2012. Quebec native chef Hugue Dufour and his wife Sarah Obraitis ran the restaurant and recalled the “festive and adventurous run” they had over nearly seven years as culinary residents.

“Our time at the Dinette was always exciting and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done during our stay at MoMA PS1. For the better part of this decade, we have been like no other place on the planet. The experiences will never be forgotten,” the M. Wells Dinette team wrote in an online statement.

The pair’s other venture, M. Wells Steakhouse at 43-15 Crescent St., remains open, according to MoMA PS 1.

“Don’t be afraid, their acclaimed M. Wells Steakhouse is just a few blocks away and will continue to be a treasured part of our Long Island City family,” said MoMA PS 1 on their Facebook page.