Who deposited an empty ATM onto a street near a Glendale cemetery? Cops want to know

Samantha Tabala/Glendale Civic Association

Somebody took the money and ran — but left an empty ATM behind on a Glendale street this weekend, police reported.

A passerby discovered an empty ATM at around 7 a.m. on Sept. 8 discarded on the side Cooper Avenue at the intersection with 66th Place in Glendale, adjacent to Cypress Hills Cemetery, and notified the police. 

Whoever left the ATM there apparently cleaned it out of cash before depositing it on the road. According to police sources, officers from the 104th Precinct reported that the machine appears to have been forced open.

As of yet, cops do not know from where the cash machine was removed. 

After 104th Precinct officers arrived on the scene, law enforcement sources said, they lifted the ATM and took it back to the precinct’s Ridgewood stationhouse for further investigation. 

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the discarded ATM can call the 104th Precinct Detective Squad at 718-386-2735.