‘It’s a very scary time in our house’: Constantinides says his wife is hospitalized with COVID-19

Photo by William Alatriste
Photo by William Alatriste

Councilman Costa Constantinides took to Twitter on Friday, April 10, to share that his wife has been in the hospital with COVID-19 for almost a week. A week prior, he announced he was showing mild symptoms.

“I usually don’t post about my family much but this is my amazing wife Lori,” Constantinides wrote in the tweet. “She’s been in the hospital with Covid-19 since Saturday on oxygen and she hasn’t been aware enough to speak since then. She’s stable but it is a very scary time in our house.”

The Queens Borough President candidate announced he was experiencing minor symptoms including fever on April 1, which caused him to self-quarantine and isolate from his family immediately.

At the time, he said he didn’t get tested after consulting with medical professionals, but noted he’s slowly recovering and working remotely “to make sure all of us have the services and protections we need right now.”

Because he and his wife, who is diabetic and in need of a kidney transplant, are sick, they haven’t been able to see their son.

“With both of us sick with Covid-19, I haven’t seen my son in 12 days,” Constantinides wrote in a tweet. “He hasn’t seen his mom in [five plus] days. I know I’m one of the lucky ones that I’m on the mend, hopefully, but some prayers for my wife who is a diabetic and in need of a kidney transplant too would be much appreciated.”

The Astoria native urges his fellow New Yorkers to stay home in order to flatten the curve.

“This disease has effected so many families here in Queens and NYC,” Constantinides wrote. “I’ll be praying for all of them tonight. This isn’t a drill folks. Please social distance. It’s life or death. Please stay safe Queens!”

Constantinides, considered a progressive leader in the community, has received many messages of love and support from the community, fellow elected officials and QBP candidates.

“Sending my prayers to you,” Councilman Donovan Richards wrote in a tweet. “Please let me know if you need anything brother.”

“Costa, sorry you are going through this, praying for Lori and your family,” former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley wrote.