Flushing community leaders donate refrigerator to Union Street FDNY

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Flushing Community leaders donated a new refrigerator to the Union Street firehouse. (Photo courtesy of Senator Liu’s office)

Last Thursday, Flushing firefighters held a ribbon-cutting in celebration of a new refrigerator that was donated by community leaders.

Hosoo Kwak and Woncul Choi, former presidents of the Korean Seafood Association of New York, and Youngjoon Son, the organization’s current president, procured and delivered the appliance to FDNY Engine 273/Ladder 129. Senator John Liu joined members of the Flushing fire department to thank the group for their generous donation.

“Our firefighters put it all on the line every day responding to emergencies and making sure our community is protected from urgent and life-threatening disasters. Today’s donation is a welcome act of generosity by the Korean Seafood Association of New York who stepped up to give back to the essential workers who work day and night to keep the community safe,” Senator Liu said.

The lawmaker shared childhood memories connected with the firehouse, saying that he often waited with his friends to catch a glimpse of the firetrucks when the doors opened.

Flushing community leaders donated a new refrigerator to the Union Street firehouse. (Photo courtesy of Senator Liu’s office)

”I would like to thank Senator Liu and the representatives of the Korean Seafood Association for this very generous gift for the firehouse. We appreciate them for thinking of us and for their continued support towards the firehouse and the community,” Captain Paul Agruso said.

Kwak said that this particular fire station was familiar to early Korean immigrants who lived on Union Street in Flushing and said that the area was once known as “Union Sang Ga,” meaning “Union Korean Shopping Center.”

“It was called this because of the high concentration of Korean stores,” Kwak said. “I remember there were several fires at Korean-owned buildings and stores in the past. Each time, firefighters from the Union Fire Station — which is what we call them — were dispatched quickly to prevent the fire from spreading. They prevented these fires from causing casualties. We are donating this small refrigerator to thank them for their services. I hope that the close relationship between the Korean community and the Union Fire Station will continue in the future.”