100% Safe Ways to Buy Instagram Views | Top 11 Sites (Instant and Organic)


Businesses have figured out by now that having a solid social media presence is important. By staying active on major social sites, businesses can build brand awareness and announce new and ongoing services for potential customers. 

However, if your business is just starting, how are you supposed to compete with big companies with a multiple-year head start? One option available is buying Instagram views. Let’s talk about why you would do this and where to buy Instagram views safely. 

Why Would You Buy Instagram Views?

Starting an online presence is tough. Whether for a business or a personal project, an online presence is a useful tool for reaching folks that might want to know about and create interest. However, with the number of folks out there vying for people’s attention, anyone who has tried to grow an online presence from the ground up knows how tough it is. 

Since Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it’s an easy choice for most to grow a following. But, that large audience is a double-edged sword since you have to fight against a lot of other folks for views and likes.

Plus, social media sites like Instagram tend to favor accounts that already receive a large amount of engagement when recommending accounts to users. This algorithm creates a positive feedback loop that can hurt smaller accounts. 

Top Sites to Buy Instagram Views

With the reasons why you would want to buy Instagram views safely, here are the top sites we looked at for you to buy Instagram views:


If you want real Instagram views from real Instagram users, Likes.io can give you just that. 


Likes.io is an Instagram views, Instagram follower, and Instagram likes seller website that provides buyers with engagement using real people, rather than bot accounts. Having real people interacting with your Instagram account means real engagement, rather than a one-time burst in popularity or activity on your website. 


Likes.io has two categories of followers: High Quality and Premium. Here are some example prices for Instagram views off their High-Quality views listing: 

  • 500 views: $1.99
  • 1,000 views: $2.99
  • 5,000 views: $9.98
  • 25,000 views: $32.98

You can buy up to 1,000,000 High-Quality views or 100,000 Premium views through Likes.io. 

The big newspaper sites and authority publications such as Amny, Long Island Press, Madison, Stltoday, Buffalonews, Zeenews India, State Journal, Jpost, Mercury News, Economic Times, Times of India, US magazine, Business review, Tampabay, Abc15, Fox13Now, Gritdaily, voted to Likes.io for the #1 Instagram service provider.


The pros to using Likes.io include: 

  • Buy Instagram followers instead of bot accounts
  • A choice between instant or gradual filling of your order
  • The chance to work with Likes.io staff members to best understand what followers to send your way 
  • High priority on the security of your data and purchase information
  • Options to buy Instagram followers, Instagram video views, and Instagram story views 


The downsides to using Likes.io include: 

  • Prices are expensive compared to other competitors
  • Likes.io was removed from TrustedPilot, an indication something is off with the reviews they receive online. 

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To receive more Instagram followers and real views from targeted audiences, Stromlikes has services that deliver. 


Stormlikes is a third-party website that offers views, likes, and followers for various social media services, including Instagram. This popular website offers its services using real Instagram users to get Instagram growth and credence to your Instagram account. 


Stromlikes’ prices are on the upper end of the spectrum. Here are some examples of their prices for High-Quality Instagram views: 

  • 500 views: $1.99
  • 1,000 views: $2.99
  • 5,000 views: $7.99
  • 30,000 views: $29.99


The pros of using Stormlikes’ service are: 

  • All packages also buy Instagram video views
  • Orders can be filled instantly or gradually
  • Orders come with genuine Instagram views from real people
  • You can select different demographics to receive views from, such as specific countries or genders


There are some downsides to using Stormlikes, though; 

  • Customer service can be slow to respond to questions and concerns
  • The website doesn’t have a clear refund policy, leading to some issues with receiving refunds
  • Compared to other sellers, Stormlikes Instagram view packages are somewhat expensive

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While they only work with Instagram accounts, Followers.io has the know-how needed to deliver high-quality Instagram views to their customers. 


Followers.io is a social media marketing company that uses real people and Instagram accounts to bolster your Instagram views. While the company doesn’t have the same range of options as others, Followers.io delivers well on its promises to bring high-quality followers and views to your account. 


Followers.io has prices that are cheaper than the other options we’ve covered so far. Here are some examples of their prices for High-Quality Instagram views: 

  • 500 views: $1.87
  • 1,000 views: $2.87
  • 5,000 views: $7.97
  • 25,000 views: $25.97


Followers.io gets high marks for the benefits they offer customers, such as: 

  • You receive your purchased views and followers from real people, instead of bots.
  • Orders tend to be delivered within 10 minutes of your purchase, giving you results fast. 
  • Followers.io uses social media marketing strategies to get you your metrics
  • Their staff keeps up with changes to engagement metrics and algorithm changes on Instagram, meaning you have experts working on your account


There are some downsides to using Followers.io: 

  • The company only offers engagement solutions for Instagram, meaning you won’t be able to bolster other social media accounts with them. 
  • Their website covers why video views are important, but doesn’t make it clear if these are part of the Instagram view packages you can buy. 

Social Viral

For Premium Instagram views, Social Viral offers packages that deliver quickly, though that speed comes with a high price tag. 


Social Viral is a provider of social media engagement for websites like Instagram. While they offer packages for other websites, their Instagram packages are well-known for being reliable, using real accounts and social media marketing to deliver premium viewers to your Instagram account. 


Social Viral has some of the most expensive view packages out there because they only offer Premium viewers, unlike others that have both High Quality and Premium options. Because of that, its prices are higher than most others:

  • 500 views: $2.21
  • 1,000 views: $3.89
  • 5,000 views: $14.99
  • 30,000 views: $52.50


The positives of working with Social Viral are: 

  • Access to Premium Instagram views which tend to have better engagement than High-Quality ones. 
  • Fast delivery of orders once payment has been processed
  • Options to work on more than just Instagram for your social media following


There are some downsides to using Social Viral, though:

  • The Instagram view packages are expensive thanks to the Premium status of their views
  • No customer support email or phone number available for assistance
  • No free trial option means you have to spend money to find out if the service works for you


For those that want to focus on Instagram Reels, Instaviral.io has view options for that. 


Instaviral.io offers a range of Instagram view services, but its focus is on Instagram Reels. They offer Instagram views from the real account over using bot networks to boost your metrics. 


Instaviral has some of the cheaper prices out there for human account views. Here are the prices they have listed for their Instagram Reels view packages: 

  • 1,000 views: $0.72
  • 10,000 views: $6.80
  • 25,000 views: $16
  • 50,000 views: $28


The pros to using Instaviral.io are: 

  • A way to focus on specific parts of Instagram, such as Reels or Stories
  • Cheaper prices than most of its competitors using real people 


The downsides to using Instaviral.io include: 

  • You won’t be able to use them for other social media accounts since they only work with Instagram
  • The service is still relatively new, meaning it doesn’t have the reputation other providers have


If you want to promote your Instagram videos, InstaFanFollowing has ways to boost them with their view packages.


InstaFanFollowing is another view provider that works with many social media sites, including Instagram. The Instagram view package they offer mostly focuses on Stories and Reels, meaning other content you post on Instagram might not get the same bump as these segments do. 


InstaFanFollowing has low rates for their Instagram videos views: 

  • 500 views: $2.40
  • 1,000 views: $3.90
  • 5,000 views: $13
  • 10,000 views: $22


The positives to using InstaFanFollowing are: 

  • Cheap views and followers regardless of which package you pick
  • Orders only take a few days to deliver, even for high view orders


There are some downsides to using InstaFanFollowing, though: 

  • The look of the website is a little bare
  • It’s not clear where the views come from, meaning you might be buying bot views instead of real ones


For content creators and businesses in India, YTInstaViews has an option that can help grow your social media presence. 


YTInstaViews is a social media marketing platform meant to help businesses in India grow their social media presence. The company has offers for Instagram that include Instagram views for both video content and Stories. 


The pricing for YTInstaViews is based on the Indian economy, meaning that their prices are much different than what most Westerners are used to. Here are what some of their Instagram Video view packages look like: 

  • 1,000 views: Rs.30.00 ($0.38)
  • 2,000 views: Rs.60.00 ($0.76)
  • 5,000 views: Rs.150.00 ($1.89)
  • 20,000 views: Rs.550.00 ($6.94)


The upsides to working with YTInstaViews include: 

  • Cheap prices compared to companies based in or marketed for Western countries
  • Options to work on your other social media sites like YouTube and Facebook


There are some downsides to choosing YTInstaViews, though: 

  • Heavy focus on the Indian market as India is the primary source of its views
  • Unclear where the views come from, meaning there could be botnets in use


While they dabble in all kinds of social media, BuyCheapestFollowers provides another way for you to build up your Instagram views and buy followers on instagram.


BuyCheapestFollowers is another website that allows users to order Instagram views. They have over a dozen options for services, including buying Instagram video views, automatic view generation, and specific views for parts of Instagram like Reels or IGTV.

Instagram is just one part of their business, though. The website works with engagement metrics on almost two dozen platforms.  


BuyCheapestFollowers focuses on auto views, which they refer to as views that apply to any video or post when it goes live. Customers choose how many views they want their content to receive and for how many days.

Here are the prices for an automatic 2,500 Instagram views from them:

  • 15 days: $31.99
  • 30 days: $63.99
  • 60 days: $127.99
  • 100 days: $179.19


The upsides to using BuyCheapestFollowers are: 

  • The average cost per view is well below most competitors
  • They deliver orders quickly.
  • The website works with almost any other social media account you want to boost


Some of the negatives to using BuyCheapestFollowers are:

  • The website UI looks dated and is hard to navigate
  • Users reported in the past that their followers and views disappeared after a few days, which can be a sign of bot usage by the website


Snaphappen offers Instagram users a way to pay a subscription fee to receive a boost to their Instagram views. 


Snaphappen is a web service that creates subscription services for recurring social media engagement boosts. The company has service plans for all facets of Instagram, including Instagram videos, views, followers, and more. While they also offer one-time bursts of views or likes, their primary focus is on their subscriptions. 


Users can buy subscriptions to receive a certain amount of views for each of their Instagram posts. The following prices are for a certain amount of views per post each month: 

  • 500 views: $19.85
  • 1,000 views: $38.85
  • 2,500 views: $69.85
  • 5,000 views: $136.85


There are some solid points in Snaphappen’s favor, such as: 

  • You pay a one-time fee to receive recurring views instead of having to buy views for each separate boost
  • You can tailor your order to focus on specific parts of Instagram or to receive views


The downsides of using Snaphappen are: 

  • They are currently delisted from TrustPilot, marking them as a potential scam despite other positive indicators
  • The UI doesn’t automatically update purchasing options, leading to order combinations the site lets you select but can’t fill. 


For customers in the West and parts of Africa, SocialsUp is a marketplace for you to buy Instagram view packages. 


SocialsUp is a digital service that offers users a way to boost the views of their Instagram posts by ordering a bulk of views for their accounts. Most of these views come from the larger countries in North America and Europe as well as some African nations like Nigeria. 


SocialsUp also doesn’t charge much to get  Instagram views. Here are some examples of costs from their website: 

  • 500 views: $2.09
  • 1,000 views: $3.09
  • 5,000 views: $11.49
  • 10,000 views: $20.69


Here are the good parts about using SocialsUp:

  • The team offers packages that won’t look strange to the Instagram algorithm, keeping users from accidentally sabotaging themselves
  •  Their view packages are cheap and can be applied to up to 10 Instagram photos, as specified on ordering


The negatives to using SocialUp are: 

  • The company is relatively new, meaning that they haven’t yet earned the trust of the broader market



igHope is a web service dedicated to helping users grow their Instagram account with view, follower, and comment packages. The website offers almost 130 different options for customers to choose from, including comments written in specific languages.


igHope has both burst and gradual view options for their packages. These packages share pricing plans, so it’s up to the customer to decide if they want the views all at once, or spread out over time. 

Some examples of their pricing include: 

  • 500 views: $12
  • 1,000 views: $24
  • 2,500 views: $48
  • 5,000 views: $96


The pros to working with igHope when buying Instagram views are: 

  • You have plenty of customization for your order delivery
  • If you want more than Instagram views, you have the same number of options to buy instagram likes and comments, too


The downsides to using igHope are: 

  • The view packages they offer are expensive and match what many other competitors do for the same price
  • Their Contact Us and Support pages aren’t fully fleshed out, which could be an issue if you have trouble with your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the common we see out there about buying Instagram views:

Can you buy views on Instagram?

You buy views, followers, and likes for your Instagram account. The cost of these engagements depends on which service you choose to use, though. In general, likes are the least expensive engagement to purchase while followers are the most expensive. 

Is buying Instagram views safe?

The safety of buying Instagram views depends on how the service delivers its views to your account. 

Many less-reputable services use bot accounts instead of real people, which goes against the terms of service for many social media sites. If the service you want to use utilizes bots to create the metrics, your account can suffer the consequences if the site’s admins find out. 

What happens if you buy fake views on Instagram? 

Most social media sites like Instagram will suspend accounts that they believe are using fake views or bot accounts to boost their numbers. These suspensions aren’t usually permanent, but losing out on time interacting with your audience, along with the reputation damage that comes with using bots, can hurt your business. 

Is paying for Instagram followers bad?

Many folks don’t like the idea of people paying for followers or clout, but it’s easy to see why some folks want to do so. 

Social media websites reward high engagement accounts with more recommendations and exposure under the idea that, if a lot of people like an account, it must be valuable. People starting don’t have this benefit, leading to some buying followers to get an algorithm boost. 

Can you buy Instagram Reels views?

Some view buying services include Instagram Reels as part of their service options or offer Instagram Reels views as a part of buying a view package. Each service operates differently, so you’ll have to check how the one you want to use provides these video views.

How long does it take to receive purchased Instagram views?

Different services offer different delivery times. Many reputable sellers will work with new customers to understand when they want their orders filled and what kind of views or followers they want to be delivered. Sites using bots to provide views generally deliver on orders as soon as their bot network finds the Instagram account. 

Do I need to give view sellers my Instagram password?

Never give your Instagram password to anyone, including a service you want to purchase views from. Generally, the only thing you need to do with your Instagram account to have your views delivered is to make your Instagram profile public. Giving out your password can lead to losing your account or having any personal info on the account stolen. 

Wrapping Up

If you decide to buy ig views, it gives you a way to promote your Instagram account and establish credibility fast. Accounts with high engagement tend to have more trust placed in them than an account with low view and follower numbers. This makes it tough for startups and independent content creators to stand out without years of work. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind about buying Instagram views is reliability. There are plenty of scam sites out there that want to take your money without delivering their service. By taking time to review each of these options yourself, you can better ensure that your money and your business get what they deserve.