Sponsored: Zara Realty combines convenience and design to offer stable rental apartments for all

zara realty
Photo courtesy of Zara Realty

With a portfolio comprising approximately 5,000 rental apartments — most of them located in Queens — Zara Realty has a unique approach to New York real estate.

By focusing on long-term investments rather than flipping properties—this includes installing solar panels to improve energy efficiency—Zara emphasizes upgrading and maintaining its buildings to create stable, high-quality homes for tenants.

Photo courtesy of Zara Realty

This stability is reflected in Zara’s strong community involvement. Through the Zara Charitable Foundation, they host events for tenants and participate in philanthropic activities.

The community aspect is a founding principle. Started by immigrants from South America, Zara Realty has a long history of serving diverse communities, including recent migrants. The company’s commitment to providing affordable, high-quality housing has been particularly relevant in accommodating new immigrant populations in Queens.

Here’s what sets their apartments apart:

Convenience: With most properties strategically located in the heart of Queens, there’s easy access to transportation, schools, shopping centers and a wide range of entertainment options. Just minutes away from JFK and LaGuardia airports, travel is a breeze.

Design: Apartments feature modern layouts and stylish finishes, creating an inviting space that reflects contemporary living. There are spacious floor plans, abundant natural light and beautiful views.

Nearby parks: Residents enjoy the convenience of living near the natural beauty and tranquility of Queens’ picturesque parks.

Prospective tenants can apply for housing directly through Zara Realty’s website by completing a streamlined, secure online application form. After submission, you will be contacted for additional details and next steps.

You may apply at zararealty.com/apply. Visit them on Instagram @zararealty to explore their available apartments in Queens or call at 718-291-3331. Their team of leasing consultants is ready to assist you in finding the perfect place to call home.