Maspeth High School launches career program to help students secure employment

Maspeth High School
Maspeth High School, located at 54-40 74th St. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

Maspeth High School guidance department has launched a career program this week to assist students in developing working skills and find employment by partnering with local businesses in Maspeth.

“Our job now is to be this bridge for our students, so that [they] know what jobs are out there in the neighborhood,” said Maspeth High School Principal Selin Alicanoglu. 

Maspeth High School Social Worker David Blauner said that the program was conceived after many students asked for help getting a job. 

“Over the years, I’ve had a lot of students enter my office and say, ‘Hey can you help me get a job?’ and the short answer was always kind of, not really,” Blauner said. “I could help with resume writing, we could discuss job seeking strategy, but I didn’t have personal connections with local businesses to refer high-quality students for those positions. So, that’s where the idea really came from– it came from student need.”

He also notes that the program will help students develop crucial working skills, such as resume writing and interviewing skills.

“We’re looking to build not just well-rounded learners, but well-rounded people,” Blauner said. “It’s not just about building jobs, it’s about building skills [and] having things to add to their resume.”

Blauner says the program is still new and they have only partnered with the Long Island City YMCA so far. He states that they hope to land more partnerships with local businesses.

“I went up and down Grand Avenue local and probably connected in person with 40 to 50 businesses,” Blauner said. “I know that building these relationships and building trust takes time.”

Blauner said the program will have a minimum gpa, attendance, and disciplinary history requirement.