‘It’s not the same’: Ray Romano tells Schneps Media that ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ reboot will never happen

Ray Romano
Ray Romano (Photo by Michael Dorgan)

A reboot of the hit TV comedy series “Everybody Loves Raymond” will never happen, the show’s star actor Ray Romano has told Schneps Media.

The series, which ran for 210 episodes from 1996 to 2005, is a sitcom classic and tells the story of everyman Raymond Barone (played by Romano) and the hilarious interactions he has with his Italian American family living on Long Island. The show earned 15 Emmy awards, including ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ in 2003 and 2005.

Some fans of the show have held on to the hope that a possible reboot might happen someday. For instance, “Sex and the City” was rebooted as a sequel series called “And Just Like That…” in 2021, “Roseanne” was briefly brought back in 2018, and “Frasier” is expected to air again in 2023.

However, Forest Hills native Romano poured cold water on the prospect of an “Everybody Loves Raymond” reboot when asked about a potential remake on Monday, April 17.

“No, unfortunately we won’t because we’re missing two cast members, and it’s not the same,” Romano told Schneps Media.

Romano, who was speaking in Manhattan at a special screening of his new movie “Somewhere in Queens,” was referring to actors Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle, each of whom have passed away. Roberts played Raymond’s mother, Marie, while Boyle played Raymond’s father Frank.

In the show, Raymond’s parents, along with his brother Robert, often make unannounced visits to Raymond’s house, which contributes to the show’s comedic elements.

Furthermore, Raymond’s mother, Marie, often clashes with Raymond’s wife in insulting and manipulative ways. Marie and her husband Frank are often at each other’s throats, too. Frank is a fiery character who tends to bury his feelings.

Meanwhile, Raymond and his brother Robert often argue with each other in a childlike fashion.

Sawyer Sweeten, who played Raymond’s son Geoffrey Barone in the show, is also deceased having taken his own life in 2015.

Romano did not say whether a possible reunion special might ever take place, akin to the successful Friends reunion in 2021 where the cast reflected on the show and did reenactments.

In 2021, “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator and executive producer Phil Rosenthal said that he had pitched the idea of a special, but it did not materialize.

Romano was speaking at a special screening of the comedy-drama “Somewhere in Queens,” which marks Ray Romano’s directorial debut. From l. to r.: Laurie Metcalf, Jacob Ward, Ray Romano and Sadie Stanley (Photo by Michael Dorgan)