25 Super Bowl Party Ideas, TV Deals, Snack Hacks — and Why LVIII Will Be a “Game-Changer”

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Looking for 2024 Super Bowl party ideas? Since the game is taking place in Las Vegas for the first time, we’re sure some party hosts will be mining that city’s three Gs — glitz, glamor, and gambling — for inspiration. The fact that the game is taking place in Las Vegas at all has raised at least a few eyebrows. “It’s a watershed moment,” said Ross Steinman, PhD, professor of consumer psychology at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.

What better way to mark a game of such cultural significance? And there’s no better excuse to suspend New Year’s resolutions to get fit, right? Here are more than 20 Super Bowl Party ideas for the February 11 game at Allegiant Stadium — games and amusements, food hacks, TV deals, and a betting tip — along with Professor Steinman’s take on why this Super Bowl is unique.

Football Pool Poster

Football betting pools have always been popular on Super Bowl Sunday, so the gambling theme isn’t new. The Football Pool Poster is an appropriate fit for a Las Vegas Super Bowl party. It’s the best way to keep guests engaged when the score is lopsided, or if a group of them are not enthused by halftime entertainers Usher and Reba McEntire.

Super Bowl party ideas
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So, while the gambling theme isn’t new, the significance of the game being staged for the first time in “Sin City” is not lost on anyone with an interest in American culture. Historically, the league has stayed away from any implications of gambling, so as not to sully the integrity of the game. Before sports betting became legal in 2018, fans would go underground to bet, or hop a plane to Las Vegas to wager on games legally.

“Gambling is more widespread and accessible now, with tools and apps out there to enable it,” said Professor Steinman. “By staging the game in Las Vegas, the NFL is saying very clearly that they’re not taking a moral stance anymore.”

Hot tip: Bill Vinovich will be the head referee for the game, which means it’ll probably be low scoring. Vinovich and his crew have thrown the fewest flags per game in six of the last eight seasons. In his two previous Super Bowl assignments, Vinovich called only 12 and nine penalties. He lets the players play. Take the under.

Football Turf Table Runner

Probably the closest to the field your guests will feel unless they’re wearing pads.

Super Bowl party ideas
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Although it seems we’ve arrived at a point of no return with the Super Bowl being played in Las Vegas, the NFL has issued guidelines to its players to maintain the appearance of probity. According to Front Office Sports, a communication from the NFL’s front office to players went like this:

“While in Las Vegas, players participating in the Super Bowl are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling, including casino games and betting on any sport.

As for those players not on the two clubs participating in the Super Bowl: They may engage in legal gambling, but they may not bet on the NFL at any time or go in a sportsbook until the Super Bowl is over. An exception: Players will be allowed to walk through a sportsbook if it is the only way to get where they are going.”

Seems like the NFL isn’t “playing games” here — but that edict has nothing to do with the rest of us. So why not play some games of your own on Super Bowl Sunday? It’s a great way to engage guests who are more interested in the social aspect of the day.  You’re asking, “Is it possible that someone won’t be interested in the famously witty commercials and the possible birth of a meme?” Of course! Some people hate memes — here’s what they’ll be doing:

Super Bowl Party Games

Tabletop Cornhole

A quick game of mini cornhole is good for extended timeouts and video reviews. Select your favorite teams and let the games begin!

super bowl party ideas
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Mini Flick Football

Remember the “flick a field goal” game you played with a piece of notebook paper folded in a triangle? My friend Matt could flick it the length of six desks, incredibly. A few years ago I used white duct tape to create yard markers on my buffet table and PVC pipe for goalposts. This Mini Flick Football Game party idea is easier at cleanup: Attach the goal posts to any flat surface and let the action begin — I just won’t invite Matt! Was $15.97, buy now and save 12%.

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Tabletop Stackers Block Game

A classic Jenga game in your favorite NFL Teams. Order several and host your own “Jenga” super bowl!


Super Bowl party ideas

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UNO NFL Card Game

Graphics inspired by all 32 teams in the NFL and stored in a collectible travel tin. The special “Ice the Kicker” rule forces players to kick a field goal with a folded paper football through a goal post of another player’s hands.

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Football Photo Booth Props

For the nerd-intolerant, know that photo booth selfies and their attendant props are more popular than you think. Buy Football Photo Booth Props now and get 6% off coupon. Comes with photo booth frame and 10 kinds of football-themed props such as helmets, jerseys, goal posts, and more. Need more props? 23 pcs.  photo booth props from Amazon will make your game day photos even better and you can let your social followers not only know where you are — but who you are!

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Of course, Super Bowl Sunday not all about the game. It’s the second biggest food gluttony day on the American calendar — behind Thanksgiving. Plenty of people choose this day as the day they suspend New Year’s resolutions. I know I have.

Here’s why: On Super Bowl Sunday, according to Premio Foods, we chow down on 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, which is great news if you’re a company named Lays, which is an official sponsor of this years’s Super Bowl. Add to that 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips and 4 million pounds of pretzels, and might we suggest buying some exercise equipment when it’s all done.

A healthier option is chicken wings. According to the National Chicken Council, we gobble down more than 100 million pounds of chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday — 1.25 billion wings. That’s a lot of flap.

Super Bowl Party Ideas: Food

Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snack Hacks:

  • Mix and match. Instead of cocktail sauce on shrimp, serve lightly breaded shrimp with the buffalo sauce that’s usually slathered on wings.
  • Serving meat balls? Skewer with pretzel sticks instead of toothpicks and that’s a touchdown!
  • Make it fun for the kids and add food coloring while making ice. Watch as your Sprite turns Raven purple, Chiefs red, 49ers red, black, and gold, Lions Honolulu blue — or even Giants blue or Jets kelly green (who says we can’t?!)
  • Create mini-stations around the room for cheese and sweets. It encourages guests to mingle while they graze.
  • Do you or your friends have young kids under 10? Make them party vendors. Give them boxes to hang around their necks and have them hock chips and popcorn. They can keep the tips!
  • While feasting, remember those less fortunate and donate to EV Loves NYC, a team of volunteers in the East Village that prepares thousands of meals every week for anyone in need throughout New York City — no questions asked.

Energy Boosters 

  • Melon wrapped in ham w toothpick
  • Pasta salad with turkey
  • Chicken burrito
  • Fresh fruit with yogurt dip

Energy Drainers

  • Fried egg rolls
  • Pigs in blanket
  • Fried chicken fingers
  • Mixed nuts


It’s true, New Yorkers are the most patient people in the country — who else would wait on line for two hours for a croissant? — but avoiding long lines at the grocery store and getting your game on by going Amazon, where it’s all about the food (and everything else, really).

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Lays and Pepsi are the official sponsors of Super Bowl 2024, so by stocking up on your favorite chips and sodas at Walmart you’ll be completing the marketing circle. These best-sellers do sell out.

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Football Cookie Cutters

Very little effort — very big reward! Makes it seem like you really went out of your way. Fan Hand, Large Football, Small Football, Large and Small T-shirt/Jersey.


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Try Game Day Paper Bowls

Save yourself the headache of cleaning up. Holds hot and cold foods and comes in a 48-pack.

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Reeses Peanut Butter Football Chocolate Candy

Snack size milk chocolate and peanut butter football party favors. Say no more.

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These are my weakness, that’s why I say no Super Bowl party would be complete without M&M’s. I like to design my own assortment with my own mix of color and flavors. It’s the most American of snacks, really, everyone different but somehow all the same as we watch the game.

M&MS | Design Your Own Colors | Super Bowl 2024 | amNY

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Unlike college football, which anchored itself to New Year’s Day, the NFL created its own day with the Super Bowl, its own holiday, really. “Just think about the timing of the event. It’s a Sunday evening, a time when most people aren’t doing very much,” said Professor Steinman. “I know there have been calls in recent years from people clamoring to have the game on Saturday to really tap into that party atmosphere. But it hasn’t been heeded and it’s stayed on Sunday.”

Last year, 113 million people watched the Super Bowl. It’s the big screen TV — and satellite TV technology — that bears much responsibility for the mega-success of football over the last 20 years. It’s created a bar culture of its own, especially in New York City, enabling fans to come to their favorite watering hole — many teams have dedicated bars — and root for their home team, no matter where they’re from.

In fact, more people watched the Chiefs-Bills game on Sunday (50 million) January 20 than all five of the 2023 World Series games (45 million).

Of course, Giants and Jets fans have less skin in the outcome. But the electronics industry puts TVs on sale from now until the Super Bowl, so there are some benefits to be had. Here are some of our top picks at all price points:

Super Bowl TV Deals

Hisense: Best Cheap TV

Hisense 55″ Class A6 Series LED 4K UHD HDR Smart Google TV — for the viewer who’s willing to sacrifice some image quality and features to get a great deal.

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TCL: Best Overall Budget TV

TCL 55″ Class Q6 Series QLED 4K UDH Smart Google TV – It’s bright, affordable, looks great and is easy to mount and use. What’s not to like?

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Samsung: Best Premium Affordable TV

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Free 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Super Bowl Pet Paraphernalia  

PetSmart Apparel

Our furry friends can get their game on too! PetSmart has a wide selection of dog apparel for a variety of teams.

Petsmart | NFL Pet Gear | Super Bowl 2024 | amNY
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Regarding Las Vegas’ debut on the Super Bowl stage, Professor Steinman is watching for the larger picture.  “I equate it to the Olympics in previous years, where you had a country that had an emerging major city, and that city became recognized on a global scale.”

Steinman thinks this Super Bowl will have a cascading effect on the fortunes of the city. “I think it’ll expedite the expansion of Las Vegas,” he said. “We’ll see an NBA team there soon. Investors love the city. People are moving there in droves, especially from California and the Northwest. It’s easy to get to. In the awareness of most American consumers, it’s known for what it’s known for, and I think this game puts a stamp on that, saying ‘this is okay, this is acceptable.'”

“To some extent, I do think it’s a watershed event,” continued Steinman. “But I’m an Eagles fan, so I need something to keep the game interesting.”


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