Crunching the Queens crime numbers: felony assaults on the rise as crime overall flattens

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The number of felony assaults reported across Queens over the last month are up nearly 10% compared to the same period a year ago, according to the latest crime stats released by the NYPD on Feb. 26.

During the 28-day period from Jan. 29 to Feb. 25, the number of felony assaults reported increased 9.6% in northern Queens, from 197 incidents last year to 216 this year. Meanwhile, in southern Queens, the number of felony assaults also rose 9.6% over the period, from 187 to 205.

The jump in the number of felony assaults comes at a time when major crime across the borough has dipped.

The number of major crimes—which include murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny of vehicles–dropped 4.4% in northern Queens for the 28-day period ending Feb. 25 compared to last year, from 1,258 incidents to 1,203. Meanwhile, the number dropped 3.6% over that same period in southern Queens, from 786 to 758.

The drop stemmed largely from a significant decline in the number of burglaries. Burglaries in northern Queens dropped 15.1% for the 28-day period ending Feb. 25 compared to last year, from 179 incidents reported to 152. Meanwhile, they dropped 20.7% in southern Queens over that period from 82 to 65.

In terms of felony assaults, the northern Queens precinct that saw the greatest increase was the 114th Precinct, which primarily covers Astoria, where they were up 65.6% over the 28-day period ending Feb. 25, with 53 incidents reported, up from 32. In southern Queens, there was a spike in the 100th Precinct, which covers Averne and Rockaway Beach, where they were up 140% over the 28-day period, with 12 incidents reported up from 5.

Meanwhile, burglaries plummeted in northern Queens the most in the 112th Precinct, with them down 64.3% over the 28-day period, from 14 to 5. In southern Queens, they fell the most in the 106th Precinct, which covers Howard Beach, Lindenwood and Ozone Park, dropping 57.1%, from 7 incidents to 3.

Across the borough, there were 2 murders during the 28-day period, the same as last year. Meanwhile, the number of reported rapes was largely flat, from 28 incidents reported to 26. The number of robberies across Queens fell from 269 to 259.

NYPD Data compiled by QNS
NYPD Data compiled by QNS