Flushing Town Hall welcomes traditional Irish and Quebecois music trio, along with Polka musician in global mash up series

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Trio Grosse Isle who fuse traditional Irish and Quebecois music will be taking center stage on the night
Flushing Town Hall

Traditional Irish music and music from Quebec is the specialty of trio Grosse Isle, who will join New York city based accordion player Erica Mancini at Flushing Town Hall for a concert on March 2 as part of the venue’s global mashup series where different music disciplines come together for a one of a kind performance.

The artists will also be joined by drummers Brian Chase and Michael Winograd, trumpeter Frank London and more at the one-time concert.

Mancini is set to play traditional Polka music known as Polka Loca hailing from the genre that emerged in the mid-19th century in the region of Bohemia, which is present-day Czech Republic and Poland, before collaborating with Irish and Québecois group Grosse Isle.

Other notable artists set to perform on the night include Lynn Ligammari of Antibalas, and Ron Caswell of the StumbleBums.

Grosse Isle and Mancini will perform their own individual sets to reflect their authentic sounds, before coming together in a third mashup set.

Executive and Artistic Director of Flushing Town Hall, Ellen Kodadek said that it is inspiring to see artists come together in the theater to enjoy and familiarize themselves with the music of two cultures.

The event also includes two dance workshops and includes an open dance floor during the concert for ticket holders to enjoy.

“Flushing Town Hall is delighted to continue our highly successful Global Mashup Series and invite these world-class performers to our stage. The cheerful sounds of Grosse Isle, along with the exhilarating Erica Mancini and Polka Loca are sure to prompt audience members to get out of their seats and take advantage of the dance floor,” Kodadek said.

The event will begin at 8 p.m. and tickets can be purchased from the Flushing Town Hall website. Tickets for non members are $20 and are $15 for members, seniors and students.