Victoria’s Secrets: New beginnings

The magnificent sunrise as pictured by Kevin O’Connor on Easter Sunday.

What I love about spring is the re-emergence of life.

For me, it was the month when my daughter Elizabeth was born. Coming out of the hospital with her eight days after she was born on April 16 and seeing nature’s gift of bursting buds of flowers and trees was a magnificent sight. I had a new baby and nature had worked its wonders bringing us new life.

When my friend Kevin O’Connor sent these glorious photos of the sun rising on Easter Sunday, I was reminded how dear each new day is, filled with endless possibilities and new adventures.

I wear a frog ring I bought from Alicia’s Jewelers in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, who opened their doors the week I founded my newspapers. People admire the ring and I joyously share its specialness. The frog is the only species on earth that cannot look to the left, cannot look to the right and cannot look back; it can only look forward!

A real lesson in life and my motto for living is to always look forward, learning from the past and moving ahead in the present — which is a present!

Love to you, my dear readers. Until next time!

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